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Why Electric Car Charger Overheating


Why Electric Car Charger Overheating


Electric car charger explained

Before discussing the overheating issue, we need to understand the electric car charger. Electric car chargers are the necessary part of an electric car system.

These electric car chargers provide power to the electric car battery so that the vehicle can be driven. Electric car chargers come in different types and range levels like home chargers which are set up at home to charge the vehicle and public chargers which are at some public places which rapidly charge the electric cars.

 Electric car chargers convert the alternate current (AC) to direct current (DC) which is compatible with the electric car battery.

Reasons of electric car charger overheating

There can be many reasons for overheating issues in electric car chargers  as it is a combination of electrical and electronics elements. These elements get hot when the electric energy flows through.

The most common reasons of electric car charger overheating issue:

High Ambient Temperatures

The temperature of the environment around the electric car charger plays a very significant role in the efficiency and heat production of the charger.

When a charger is placed in a hot environment then it might get overheated because it can not exert its heat produced by the electric elements.

Long usage

When the charger is used for long periods without any break, the charger components start overheating. Continuous high power flow through these components generate heat specially when these chargers are not built to handle long periods of charging.

Charger design and quality

Electric car charger design and quality is the main factor to make it able to handle the heat. Chargers which are poorly designed and manufactured from poor components are more likely to be overheated. A well designed charger is made to handle the power flow to charge the electric vehicle for long periods so it can handle the heat as well.

Cable Issues

The cable which connects the charger to the vehicle also can cause the overheating issue. If the cable is damaged or it is made of low quality material then it can cause the heat while charging the vehicle.

To prevent this issue, you can check the cable regularly while charging your vehicle.

Voltage fluctuations

If the power supply voltage fluctuates then it can also affect the charger which led to the overheating issue. If the voltage is not stable then charger will try to maintain the charging process and it will generate heat.

Software Bugs

Electric car charger is made of control system which manages the charging process. If there is a glitch in the charger software then it affects the charging efficiency which can lead to the overheating issue.

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Consequences of Electric Car Charger Overheating

Overheating in an electric car charger can cause some negative consequences. Please have a look.

Reduced Charging Speed

If a charger gets overheated, it can reduce the charging speed so that less heat generated. This will result in long time taken to charge the vehicle to full.

Charger Damage

When charger takes long time to charge the vehicle, the heat generation continuous to rise and it can damage the components of the charger. It can also lead to the complete failure of the charger.

Safety Concerns

Overheating can cause some safety issues with the charger or the electric vehicle. In some cases, it can also cause electrical hazards or fire.

Preventing and Addressing Electric Car Charger Overheating

To prevent the issues like overheating in the electric car charger, you have to maintain your electric car very well.

Proper Ventilation

To prevent the overheating issue in an electric car charger, install the charger in proper ventilated place where the airflow is good. Proper airflow allows the charger to disrupt the heat in air and charging will be continued.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining the charging duration, power levels and any specific instructions to avoid the overheating of charger.

Regular Inspections

You can regularly check the charger and the cable for any wear, damage or corrosion. If there is any damage, change that component or go to the service station to get it repaired.

Scheduled Breaks during Charging

When you are charging your vehicle for long durations, you can take short breaks between this duration. This will cool down the charger and it will not generate excessive heat.

Professional Assistance

If you face the overheating issue continuously after preventions, please consider taking guidance from a professional electrician or you can also contact the charger manufacturer.

Solving the complex electric issues at home can be risky.




Can EV chargers overheat?

Yes, hot weather and some electric issues in EV charger can cause the overheat issue.


Why is my EV charger overheating?

EV charger can heat up due to hot environment around the charger and also due to some technical issues in the charger.


Why does my charger cable get hot?

There can be an issue with the charger or vehicle which can cause the cable heating issue. The cable may also be damaged or cracked which can cause heating.


Do EV chargers need cooling?

Yes, EV charger converts alternate current to direct current which can result in heat issue in chargers so EV charger needs cooling system which is installed within the charger and you can also install it in a well ventilated area so it can remain cool.


What to do if your charger is overheating?

If you car charger is overheating you, can prevent it by installing it in well ventilated area, taking breaks during long charging sessions, inspecting the charger regularly or you can also contact the charger manufacturer to get it repaired or replaced.




Electric car chargers are the essential components of electric car eco system. The overheating issue in these chargers can impact the charger efficiency and longevity.

By understanding the factors which cause the overheating issue in the electric car charger, you can prevent the overheating.  Preventions which are mentioned in this article can help you to improve the efficiency of your electric car charger.

We hope that now you are aware of the overheating issue of electric car charger and you know the reasons behind this issue. You can practice the preventions mentioned in this article to save your charger from overheating.

If you still face any issue with your charger, we recommend you to contact your car charger manufacturer which would be the car manufacturer in almost all cases.

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