What Is Web Hosting

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What Is Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting


Today we will know, what is Web Hosting? Because if you are thinking of earning money by creating a blog or website online, then you must know about what is web hosting.

Because often new bloggers create their website or blog, but they do not know which hosting is right for their website, due to which they buy the wrong web hosting, and as visitors to the website increase If there is, then problems start coming in their hosting.

Today, in this article, what is the meaning of hosting, how many types are there, where should you buy it. If your website is in Hindi then which hosting is best for you, you will get all the information in this article.

I have full hope that if you read this article carefully, then you will not need to read any other article for hosting information. So let’s first know what is web hosting


What is Web Hosting


Web hosting is a type of web server that provides space to the website on the Internet. When you connect your website with Hosting, then your website can be viewed through Internet in any part of the world.

The question must be coming in your mind that how this web server provides space to your website, then let us tell you that all the images, videos, files etc. data saved in your website are saved in the same web server i.e. Hosting. Is.

The place where all this data of yours resides, that computer is connected to the 24×7 Internet, due to which users are able to view your website. Web Hosting service is provided by many companies, some of the main ones are as follows – DomainRacer, Hostinger, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Hostagator etc.

To buy hosting from all these companies, we have to pay them, because the space they provide for our website is a kind of rental house. As long as we pay them, our website remains stored in their servers. If we do not renew our hosting, then it closes our website.


India’s Cheapest, Best, Fast, most Reliable, and Affordable Web Hosting


Yes, by the way, you will find many web hosting companies on the internet, which promise to give you more than one good hosting, but once the hosting is sold, there is no support or help of any kind.

YouStable is the only web hosting company in India that provides 24/7 support to its customers. If we talk about their customers, bloggers like Satish Kushwaha have also hosted their website on YouStable.

In today’s time, YouStable has more than 80 thousand happy customers, who gave a new speed to their website, being the fastest and reliable, most of the Indian bloggers take web hosting facility from YouStable only.

Talking about the features of YouStable, you also get 99.9% uptime with Litespeed Technology, Free SSL certificates, Daily Backup, Website Builder along with web hosting. That is, your website will be live on the internet for 24 hours without any interruption.

YouStable Features

So let us now know what are the features you get with a YouStable Hosting plan.

Legit Uptime of 99.99%
Award Winning Security
Super Priority Support
NVMe SSD Powered Servers
Free Site Migration

If you take web hosting from YouStable now, you will also get FREE DOMAIN, and the best thing is if you take hosting for one year, you will get 70% Instant Discount. You can claim Free Domain by clicking on the link given below.

DomainRacer – Best Place To Buy Budget-Friendly Web Hosting


DomainRacer is a worldwide name in the web hosting and domain name space. DomainRacer has more than 39537+ websites and 26571+ active hosts in the market. The company offers a wide range of hosting from Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, DedicatedServer hosting, LMS hosting and Application hosting – WordPress, PHP, MySQL, E-commerce, web developer, Node.js, Magento, etc.

DomainRacer being the cheapest hosting plan provider with each web hosting plan 21x faster LiteSpeed cache technology, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, free weekly JetBackup, free SitePad website builder, one-click Softaculous (install 450+ application ) etc. provide services. DomainRacer web hosting has 99.99% UpTime.

DomainRacer Web Hosting Highlights:

21x Faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology
Page loading time less than 1.49ms
Free SSL Certificate
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited SSD Storage Space
24x7x365 Customer Support
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Free SEODefault Tool
Free Weekly Backup [JetBackup]
Protection Against Latest Threats
Free Tutor LMS Software with Hosting

Their data centers are located in India, UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore. All servers are protected by ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS protection, email spam protection, magic spam protection and Firewall. Plus, DomainRacer supports the latest protocols HTTP3 and QUIC.

DomainRacer web hosting has many knowledge base resources like blogs, eBooks and YouTube video series. They provide 24/7/365 support via call, ticket, email, chat and WhatsApp. DomainRacer web hosting supports multilanguage and databases PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails.

There are two interesting things about DomainRacer web hosting provider, they have their ranking monitor tool “SEODault”, which is available to the user for free. And second, the company LMS hosting and premium video platform. provides.


How Web Hosting Works


To create any company or our own personal website, we have to upload all its files on Web Hosting. When your website is connected with hosting, whenever a user searches your website on internet browser

Now whether it is Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla or any other browser, after searching the domain name of your website, the Internet connects your website’s domain to the Web Server where all the files of your website are uploaded.

After this all the data comes in front of the user. Now the user can see whatever he wants on your website. When you connect your website with hosting, for this you need DNS (Domain Name Syatem), which you get only from the hosting provider company. This lets you know in which web server your website is hosted, because each hosting has a different DNS.


Types Of Web Hosting


Till now you have got a lot of information about web hosting. In which you have also come to know that what is Web Hosting? But do you know how many types of web hosting are there? Let us tell you that there are mainly four types of web hosting, which include Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Let us know in detail about all these hosting –

Shared Hosting
VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Cloud Hosting


1. Shared Hosting – Shared Web Hosting is exactly the same way many people live together in a hostel or house. Similarly, thousands of websites are stored on a single web server in shared hosting, hence it is called Shared Hosting.

Shared Web Hosting is best for beginner bloggers. Because in the initial days there is not much traffic on the new blogger’s website, then this hosting is good for them. Along with this, its second biggest advantage is that it is cheaper than other hosting. When the traffic starts increasing on your website, then you can buy another hosting by changing Shared Hosting.

Along with this, shared hosting is cheap as well as it is very easy to setup. You will not face any problem in controlling your website with this hosting. Because the control panel of this hosting is very basic.

Along with some advantages of this, there are also some disadvantages. Although not so much loss, but still you need to know, some companies do not provide support to you in shared hosting. Apart from this, sometimes the speed of your website can be up and down. With shared hosting, you should use some other plugin for the security of your website. Because its security is not that much better.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting – VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is completely different from shared hosting. In this the hosting company cannot connect any other website. It is only yours. Its security is very strong. Visualization technology is used inside it, which virtually divides the server into different parts. Because of which strong security is provided to your website.

In VPS hosting, separate resources are used for each server. Your website gets only as much resource as it needs. This improves both the speed and security of your website. But the price of this hosting is more than Shared Hosting. If you are earning from your blog, then you can buy this hosting.

You have come to know about VPS Hosting, you should also know about its benefits. Let us tell you that in VPS Hosting you get full control like Dedicated Hosting. You get it at a lower price than Dedicated Hosting.

It provides Best Performance and Security to your website. VPS Hosting does not have any disadvantages of any kind. You just need to have some information to use this hosting.

3. Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated Hosting as its name suggests, Dedicated means dedicated. In the same way this hosting is also done. Only one website is hosted in this hosting. It does not have any sharing of any other person’s website.

The way shared hosting hosts many websites, but Dedicated Hosting is the complete opposite, here the entire hosting server runs only one website. The server of this hosting works very fast, but its price is also very expensive, because only one person has to pay its entire cost.

This hosting is for those websites, whose website gets traffic in Millions in a month. Dedicated Hosting is generally used for E Commerce Website. Which includes Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal etc.

Dedicated Hosting is expensive, but its benefits are also many. If you host your website with this hosting, then your website is completely secure. You can completely control the server of your website. To use this hosting, you need to have some technical knowledge.

4. Cloud Hosting – Cloud hosting works with multiple remote servers. In which each server has its own responsibilities. If any server is slow, it connects the website with another server. If you host your website on a cloud server, then both the speed and performance of your website become very best. It is costlier than other hosting.

Cloud Hosting’s server is very secure. Its server is never down. You can also add a website with maximum traffic on this hosting. It also handles maximum traffic easily.

Some other types of web hosting
As mentioned above, there are four types of web hosting, but apart from this, there are many other companies, which provide web hosting, which are as follows. We can also call these hosting types of hosting.


WordPress Hosting


WordPress is a type of CMS (Content Management System Software), which also provides hosting, it provides you two types of hosting, which includes Shared WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting works like normal hosting, while Managed WordPress Hosting gives your website the best performance and better features of many types. In which special care is also taken for the security of your website. agar you want to buy WordPress hosting, in this you also get some such plans, which you can buy with One Click Installation.

WordPress Hosting is generally designed for the website running on WordPress, it provides the best security to your website. Because WordPress is a type of CMS, on which the data of your website resides. For its better security, it is very important for you to get a good hosting. In this case, you can also use WordPress hosting, although it is a bit expensive.

Who is WordPress Hosting For?

Some people must be thinking that this is WordPress hosting, so only those people can use it, whose website is on WordPress. But it is not so at all, even if your website is on some other CMS, you can host your website on WordPress Hosting for Best Performance and Best Security.

You can check WordPress hosting plans by visiting WP Engine’s website. If you are a beginner blogger, then you feel that you can bring good traffic to your website very soon. Then WordPress hosting is a better option for you. After this you do not have to worry about the security and performance of your website.

The best thing about it is that in WP Engine you get 24/7 live chat support. If you ever feel that your website is facing any kind of problem, then you can immediately take help through Live Chat.


Free Hosting


If you are a beginner blogger or a student and want to make your website on the internet, but instead of not having much money, you are not able to get web hosting and domain, then you can also make a website through free hosting.

You will find many free hosting providers on the Internet but I would recommend GoogieHost to you for free web hosting as it is an Indian free web hosting provider. And together it gives you all the features you need to start a website.


GoogieHost Features


NVMe SSD Based Web Hosting
Short Subdomain Name
Premium SitePad Website Builder
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
No Ads on Your Website
Easy to use cPanel
Softaculous Auto Installer
24/7 Support


DomainRacer Hosting


DomainRacer is the best Reseller Hosting provider in the world. Here you will get Reseller Hosting at an affordable price. He helped thousands of people to start or expand their reseller business.

100% white label hosting service with WHMCS at no additional cost, free website migration, 1-click installation, user-friendly cPanel, free SEODefault tool are other notable features. Which makes DomainRacer the best Reseller hosting service provider.

Get here Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, DedicatedServer hosting, LMS hosting and Application hosting – WordPress, PHP, MySQL, E-commerce, web developer, Node.js, Magento, hosting with affordable price.


Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is a way of selling hosting. Although it is not for everyone, but if you build a website yourself, then you do not need to look at any other hosting.

Reseller Hosting is a type of White Label Web Hosting. Which you buy from a hosting provider, then sell it to your customers. Many people buy Reseller Hosting and sell it to their customers.

You can do good online earning through this hosting. Because when you buy Reseller Hosting from Hosting Provider, then there you pay at the wholesale rate. After this, you can take a good commission while selling to your customer.


Who is Reseller Hosting right for?


Reseller hosting is commonly used by digital marketing agencies, web developers, and web designers. Because it gives companies a website, in which it hosts the website of all those companies on its hosting. They have the website of all the companies mostly hosted on Reseller Hosting only.

If you create a website for a web developer or any company, then you can think about Reseller Hosting. Before buying Reseller Hosting, keep one thing in mind that you should have at least 10 websites. Only then you can get some good commission from here.

What should be the features of web hosting (Web Hosting Features)

Whenever you buy a hosting for your blog or website, then take care of some of the Web Hosting Features given below. All these Web Hosting Features differ according to the plan and Web Hosting Company. But all the features mentioned below are also available in Basic Plant.


1. Disk Space / Storage


While buying web hosting, you should take special care of Disk Space / Storage. This is a server taken on hosting for your data. Whatever data you upload on your website, it is saved in the storage of all hosting. Whenever a visitor comes to your website and searches something, then he can come in front of the search result. While buying hosting, take special care of storage. Always buy hosting of a little more storage.


2. Bandwidth


Bandwidth tells the time limit of transfer data between visitors to the website. If you have chosen low bandwidth while purchasing the hosting, then it cannot handle more visitors to your website. Whenever more visitors come to your website, then the speed of your website may decrease. Same if you choose High Bandwidth, then it can handle all the Visitor on your website. Due to which the speed of the website will not be affected in any way.


3. Uptime


Uptime is given by each hosting provider company. Which is one of the important features. Uptime means that your website will be available to visitors for 99.9% of the time. All hosting companies claim Guaranteed Uptime. Some hosting companies also provide 24 x 7 support.


4. Control Panel Features


It is very important for the hosting control panel to be user friendly. Because if you have a website, then you have to do most of the Control Panel work in it. In which you have to upload web page, manage domain and subdomain etc. Protecting the website from spam, etc., all the work is done by the Control Panel only.


5. Email


You can also buy Email Hosting from the hosting company from which you buy hosting. It is very useful to create Custom Email Address of your company. Due to which all your work becomes professional. In this you also get many extra features.


6. Backups


While buying Web Hosting, take special care of whether the hosting provider is giving you the option of Backups or not. Because sometimes there is some problem in your website. Because of which you have to delete the entire website. If you have Backups facility, then you can restore your website again.


7. Customer Support


Before buying Web Hosting, it is very important to get complete information about Customer Support as well. Because many times when there is a problem in our hosting, then we have to fix it from the Customer Executive of the hosting company. Because they have many rights. Which solves your problem in very less time. So it is very important to always see how the customer support of the company is before buying hosting.


Where to Buy Web Hosting


There are many Best Hosting Provider Company on the Internet. Where you can buy hosting by choosing Hosting Plan according to your need and traffic of your website. You need a Credit Card or Visa Card to buy hosting.

But if you buy hosting from an Indian company for your website, you do not need a credit card for this. You can make payment from all these companies through RuPay or UPI. After buying hosting, you can customize your website by connecting your domain with hosting.

If you are from India, and want to create a Hindi Blog, then you can buy hosting from some of the trusted companies given below. Which is as follows –

Hostgator India
Big Rock


Linux vs Windows Web Hosting


When we buy web hosting, we have two options, one Windows and the other Linux, but do you know what is the difference between Linux and Windows hosting. If not, then let us tell you that Linux is an Open Source Operating System, for which the hosting company does not have to pay any kind of fee.

Same if we talk about Windows Hosting then it is a License Company. For which the company has to pay money. But it is much faster than Linux. But usually most of the websites available on the Internet are hosted on Linux Server only, because it is cheaper than Windows Hosting.

Final Word

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