Vikram Betal’s Fifth Story – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Vikram Betal’s Fifth Story – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Vikram Betal's Fifth Story - Bedtime Stories For Adults


King Vikramaditya did not give up despite several unsuccessful attempts to take Betal with him. So, King Vikramaditya again approached the tree and started carrying Betal on his back. As per his condition, Betal again started telling a story to King Vikram. This time the story is – who is the real groom?

It is centuries old, a king named Mahabal used to rule in the city of Ujjain. The king was very mighty and kind. He had a daughter named Mahadevi. Mahadevi was a very beautiful and gentle girl. When she became marriageable, King Mahabal started searching for a suitable groom for her.

One by one, many princes came to the king with the desire to marry the princess, but the king did not like anyone. To marry the princess, the king had kept only one condition that the husband of his daughter should be proficient in everything. Many days passed like this, but the king could not find a suitable groom for his daughter.

Once upon a time, when the king was sitting in his court, a prince came there and said, “I want to marry Princess Mahadevi.” Hearing this, the king said, “O prince, I will marry my daughter to a person who has all the virtues.” To this the prince replied, “I have such a chariot, sitting in which you can reach anywhere in a moment.” Hearing this, the king said, “Okay you wait for a few days. I will ask the princess and answer you.”

After a few days another prince reached there. The king said, “I am trikaldarshi and can see past, present and future. I want the princess to marry me. The king also asked him to wait.

After a few days, another prince came to King Mahabal asking for his daughter’s hand. The king asked him that what are the qualities in you that I should marry my daughter to you? The prince said, “Rajan, I am expert in archery. There is no archer like me anywhere. The king said to him, “Well done! Prince, you wait for a few days. I will answer you after talking to my daughter.

Now the king is confused that all the three princes are virtuous, but he cannot marry the princess to all three. So now the question was to whom the princess should be married.

On the other hand, a terrible demon was keeping an eye on the princess Mahadevi and one day as soon as he got a chance, he took the princess away. As soon as this news spread in the palace, the king, queen and all the three princes gathered at one place. Trikaldarshi prince told that he has taken the demon princess to Vindhyachal mountain. On this the first prince said, “I bring my chariot. We can all sit on it and walk to Vindhyachal.
The third prince took out his bow and arrow and said, “I will kill that monster.”

After this, the three princes sat on the chariot and started towards Vindhyachal mountain. As soon as he saw that monster, the archer prince skillfully killed it and he saved the girl and brought it back to the palace.

After narrating this story, Betal said to King Vikram, “Rajan, the three princes were instrumental in saving the princess. So now you tell me who should the princess marry? Rajan, I have heard that you always do justice. Answer quickly, otherwise I will cut your head into pieces.

To this King Vikramaditya replied that the princess should be married to the archer prince, as he saved the princess by fighting the demon and the other two princes only helped him.

Just what then! As soon as the king spoke, Betal flew off his back and hung on the tree again.

Lesson learned from the story: Courage comes in handy in difficult times, so don’t panic when you see trouble. Always show courage.

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