Two Cats And A Monkey Story With Moral For Kids ( 1066 )

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Two Cats And A Monkey Story With Moral For Kids


Two Cats And A Monkey Story With Moral For Kids


Origin And History Of Two Cats And A Monkey

“Two Cats And A Monkey” is a classic fable for children that has been passed down from one generation to another, with a few twists to keep in touch with modern times. The story has been passed down verbally, therefore, the exact origin of the story remains unidentified.

Story Type Of Two Cats And A Monkey

“Two Cats And A Monkey” is a story with an important moral value which is great for children to learn. The story involves animal characters as kids have a special curiosity to know about animals at their age. Further, seeing the animals speak like humans enhances their interest in the story, and they eagerly read or listen to the story.

Story Characters

The characters of the “Two Cats And A Monkey” story are:

  • Two cats engaged in a fight
  • The cunning monkey

Two Cats And A Monkey Story For Children

Let’s read the “Two Cats And A Monkey” story with pictures.

A long time ago, two cats used to live in a village. Both the cats were very good friends and lived very happily among themselves. Other animals used to give an example of their friendship. Both of them lived joyfully. Whatever they got or found, they used to share and eat that together.

One day, both the cats were playing in the afternoon. While playing, one of the cats got hungry and set off in search of food. She saw a delicious piece of bread and quickly picked it up.

As soon as he started eating it, the other cat said to him, “Hey, what are you doing, my friend? Why did you start eating the bread alone? Have you forgotten me, your best friend? Whatever we eat, we eat only after sharing among ourselves.”

The first cat made two pieces of delicious bread and gave one piece to the second cat. Seeing this, the other cat again said, “Why did you give me a smaller piece? This is wrong, my friend.”

A quarrel started between the two cats, and the dispute escalated so much that all the animals gathered around to watch. Just then, a monkey came forward. Seeing both the cats quarreling, he asked, “Dear cats, why are you fighting?”

When both the cats told their dilemma to the monkey, the monkey said, “That’s all you are fighting for? I can help you. I have a weighing machine. By placing these two pieces on it, I will know which piece is bigger and which is smaller. Then we will make both pieces equal. Do you agree? ”

Both the cats agreed with the monkey’s idea. The monkey climbed the tree and brought his weighing machine. He kept both pieces of bread on the plate of the measuring scale. While weighing the pieces, he saw that one plate was heavier than the other, so he said, “Hey, this piece is bigger than the second one. Let’s equalize both of them,” and as soon as he said this, he broke a little piece from the bigger bread piece and ate it.

Every time one of the plates became heavier, the monkey would break a little bread and eat it. Both the cats now panicked. They still continued waiting patiently for the monkey’s decision, but when they saw that the pieces were now too small, one of the cats said to the monkey, “Don’t you worry, we can now divide the bread on our own.”

The monkey replied, “Okay, fine, but I must also get my hard-earned wage.”

Saying that the monkey kept both the remaining pieces of bread in his mouth, and the poor cats were fooled. The cats returned home empty-handed. Both the cats realized their mistake, and they understood that fighting against each other was a very bad decision and that others could take advantage of it.

Story Summary

Let’s read the summary of the “Two Cats And A Monkey” story for kids.

Once upon a time, two cats used to be very good friends. But one day, they found a piece of bread. They divided the piece, but one was bigger than the other. Foolishly, they started fighting for the bigger piece. The first cat said it was his, but the second cat refused and claimed it to be his. Soon, all the animals gathered around and started watching them fight. A clever monkey was passing by. He saw the two cats fighting and decided to help them.

Therefore, he took the bread and told them that he would weigh the pieces on his machine and would make sure that the two pieces were equal. Both the cats agreed to his idea. But when he did this, one piece of bread always turned out to be bigger than the other. So, the monkey took a bite to make them equal. This time, the second piece was bigger.

This went on for quite a while. He kept taking a bite of each piece to make sure it was the same size. However, in the end, the cats realized what the monkey was up to. They asked for their bread pieces to be returned. The monkey agreed but only asked for his wage for helping them, so he gulped down both pieces. The cats understood that if they had dealt with the problem on their own and shown concern for each other rather than being greedy, this wouldn’t have happened. The cats went back home empty-handed and hungry.

Moral Of The Story

“Two Cats And A Monkey” is an amazing story with a very important moral value for children to learn. The moral of this short story is “When you quarrel, someone else gains,” or “When two people fight, the third one always gets the profit.”

After reading the story, kids will understand that we should always be careful that the third person who is watching us fight can benefit from our situation. Just like in the story, the cats were fighting for the bigger piece of bread. On the contrary, the monkey took advantage of their fight and used the two friends for his own benefit.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

Teaching moral values to kids is essential as it helps them become better humans. The moral of the “Two Cats And A Monkey” story says that “When two people fight, the third one always gets the profit.” Therefore, the kids should be taught not to fight with their friends, as it only results in the third person taking advantage of their fight. Even if such a situation arises, they should not fight but try to solve the problem by talking politely or by involving their elders who can help them.


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