Twenty Third Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Twenty Third Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Twenty Third Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


After wandering for some time in the dark and dense forest of the night, King Vikramaditya again captured Betal. Betal continued the process of telling the story and asking questions like every time. Betal started telling the story….

Once upon a time, there was a city named Mithlavati. There the rule of a king named Gunadhip used to run. People used to come from far and wide everyday to meet the king. Once a young man came from some state to meet him and serve him. The young man tried hard to meet the king, but he could not meet the king. All the things that the young man had brought with him were also gone.

Once upon a time, when the king went to the forest for hunting. The young man also follows them. The forest was so dense that his servants got separated from the king. Only the king and the youth remain together. When the king starts moving towards the forest, the youth stops him. The king looks at him and says, “Why are you looking so weak.” The young man replies, “Rajan, this is my karmic fault. I have lived with many kings, who feed thousands of people, but they never looked at me.

Continuing, the young man says, “Rajan, six things make a man weak – loving the wrong person, laughing without any reason, arguing with a woman, working for a bad master, riding a donkey and a language without Sanskrit. Apart from this, the five things age, karma, wealth, knowledge and fame are written by the creator in their fate with the birth of a person. As long as one does good deeds, he has many slaves to enjoy. When the merit decreases, then brother becomes the enemy of brother, but Rajan, the result of the service of Swami is definitely received some day or the other.

These words of the young man had a great impact on the king. After a while both returned to the city. The king hires that young man.

For what work does the young man go out after a few days? He sees a temple on the way. He goes inside and worships the deity installed there. Then he comes out, then he sees a beautiful woman there. The young man is fascinated by that woman. The woman says to the young man, “First you bathe with the water of this pool, then I will do whatever you say.”

After listening to the words of the woman, the young man dives into the pool. As soon as he dives, he reaches his city. Then he meets the king and tells the whole thing. After listening to the young man, the king said, “Take me there too, I also want to see this miracle.”

Then both sit on the horse and walk towards the temple. After reaching the temple, he has darshan and when he comes out, he finds a woman there who is infatuated with the king. The woman says to the king, “I will do whatever you say.”

Hearing this, the king says, “You marry this servant.” After listening to the king, the woman says, “I like you.” Then the king says to that woman, “Whatever a gentleman says, he also follows it. Therefore, you must keep your word.” Then that woman and the young man get married.

After narrating this story, Betal says, “O King, now tell me, whose work is greater in the king or the servant.” King Vikramaditya said, “The work of the servant has increased.” Betal asks how? King Vikramaditya says, “It is the dharma of a king to do favors, but the one who did not have dharma has done a favor, so the work of the youth has increased.” After listening to the answer of the king, Betal again flies to a tree in the forest and hangs himself.

Learning from the story: A person should never go back on his promise. The identity of a true man is that how he fulfills the promise made. He does not see what he has to sacrifice in order to fulfill the promise.

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