Twenty Second Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Twenty Second Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Twenty Second Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


When King Vikramaditya once again caught Betal, he started a new story like every time. While narrating the story, Betal said to King Vikramaditya….

A Brahmin family used to live in a town named Kusumpur. The Brahmin’s family consisted of four sons and his wife. Brahmin was living a happy life with his family. One day suddenly the Brahmin fell ill and his condition worsened day by day. One day the Brahmin died due to lack of improvement in his health. In grief of the Brahmin’s death, his wife also became Sati.

After the death of the Brahmin and his wife, their relatives snatched all their wealth seeing the four boys alone. Being completely poor, the four brothers went to live with their maternal grandfather. Everything went well for a few days. Later, the four sons of the Brahmin were ill-treated in the maternal grandfather’s house as well.

Seeing this situation, the four brothers decided that they should take some education, so that people respect them like their parents. Thinking of this, the four brothers went separately in all the four directions. The four brothers did severe penance and as a result acquired some special knowledge.

When the four brothers met after a long time, they told each other about the learning they had acquired.

One said – I can offer meat on the bones of a dead creature.

The other said – I can make skin and hair on the flesh.

The third said – I can create all the parts of a dead creature.

The fourth said – I can breathe life into a dead creature.

Everyone took turns praising the knowledge they had acquired and went to the forest to test each other’s knowledge. He found the bones of a dead lion in the forest. They picked them up without knowing which animal’s bones they were.

The first offered flesh on those bones with his knowledge. The other created skin and hair on it. The third created all the parts of that creature. At last the fourth one breathed life into the lion by using his knowledge. The lion killed and ate all the four brothers as soon as they came alive.

Saying this, Betal said, “Tell me, Vikram, who was the biggest fool among these four educated fools.”

Vikram replied, “Of these four fools, the biggest fool was the fourth brother, who killed the lion. The reason is that others created the body of a lion without knowing it. He didn’t even know what creature he was creating. At the same time, the fourth had come to know very well that it is the body of a lion. Despite this, he put life in the lion’s body. This is the proof of his biggest stupidity.

Hearing Vikram’s answer, Betal said, “Vikram, you answered absolutely right, but you broke my condition.” I said that the next you speak, I will go back to the tree. That’s why you spoke and I left. Having said this, Betal once again goes to the same tree and hangs himself. With this the story of Four Fools Vikram Betal ends.

Moral of the story: Use of force without intelligence is the hallmark of stupidity.

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