Twenty Fourth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Twenty Fourth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Twenty Fourth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


King Vikramaditya captures Betal once again after several attempts and walks towards the crematorium. Like every time, this time also Betal starts telling a new story. Betal says….

It occurred a long time ago. A kingdom was ruled by a king named Mandlik. He had a beautiful wife and daughter. The king’s wife’s name was Chadvati and daughter’s name was Lavanyavati. When Lavanyavati grew up and it was time for her marriage, King Mandlik’s close associates secretly usurped her kingdom and drove the king out of the kingdom along with his family.

The king, accompanied by his wife and daughter, proceeded towards the Malava country, which was the kingdom of his wife Chadvati’s father. While walking, when it was night, they decided to spend the night in the forest. The king told his wife and daughter that you go and hide somewhere, because there is an area of Bhils nearby. They might bother you guys at night. On the words of the king, wife Chadvati and daughter Lavanyavati go and hide in the forest. At the same time the Bhils attack the king. Raja bravely fights the Bhils, but is killed in the end.

When the wife Chadvati and daughter Lavanyavati come out after the Bhils leave, they find the king dead. Both are very sad to see the dead body of the king. Both mother and daughter reach the bank of a pond mourning the death of the king.

Just then a moneylender named Chand Singh passes by with his son. He sees the footprints of two women on the way. Seeing this, the moneylender said to his son, “If you find these women, you can marry whomever you want.”

Hearing this from the father, the son says, “Father, the small feet will be short even at an old age. Therefore, I will marry the one with short legs. You marry the one with big feet.

The moneylender had no desire to marry, but he agrees to the son’s repeated insistence. They both eagerly start searching for the women with those footprints.

When both reach near the pond in search of women, they see those beautiful women. The moneylender goes ahead and asks the women about their introduction, then Rani Chadwati tells all her past to the moneylender. After listening to the queen’s story, the moneylender brings both the women to his house to support them.

Coincidentally Queen Chadvati’s feet were small and daughter Lavanyavati’s feet were big. So, the moneylender’s son marries Rani Chadvati and the moneylender’s daughter marries Lavanyavati. Many children are born to both of them later.

Betal asks, “Tell Vikram, what will be the relationship between these two children now?”

Vikram also gets thinking with this question. Even after thinking a million times, he does not understand the right answer. So, he keeps on moving silently.

Seeing this, Betal says, “Rajan, if you do not know the answer, then there is no need to worry. I am very happy with your bravery and endurance. I leave this dead body and you can take this dead body to Yogi as per your promise, but remember when Yogi asks you to bow your head and bow down to this dead body, then you should tell him that first you do it. How to do.

When the yogi bows his head, then only cut off his head with your sword. By cutting off his head, you will become the Chakravarti Samrat of the whole earth. Wherein, if you do not cut off his head, the Yogi will sacrifice you and attain Siddhi.

As soon as he said this, Betal left the dead body and King Vikram reached Yogi with the dead body. Thus ends a wonderful story of Rishta Kya Hua Vikram and Betal.

Lesson learned from the story: No decision should be taken without knowing the facts. This can cause problems later on.

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