Twenty First Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Twenty First Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Twenty First Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Emperor Vikramaditya once again took Betal off the tree and made him sit on his shoulder to fulfill his promise to the yogi. After this he went to Yogi. To clear the way, Betal started a new story. Betal spoke…

It occurred a long time ago. A king named Padmanabha used to rule in the kingdom named Vishala. A moneylender lived in his kingdom. The name of that moneylender was Arthadatta. Arthadatta had a beautiful girl, Anangamanjari. When Anangmanjari grew up, the moneylender got her married to a rich moneylender named Manivarma. Manivarma loved Anangamanjari very much, but Anangamanjari did not like Manivarma at all.

One day Manivarma had gone out of his kingdom for some work and Anangamanjari was alone. So she went out for a walk some distance away from her house. That’s why Anangmanjari saw Kamlakar, the son of Rajpurohit, on the way. On seeing Kamlakar, Anangmanjari fell in love with him. On the other hand, Kamalakar also started loving Anangmanjari.

Anangmanjari without delay goes to the garden of the palace and bows down to Chandi Devi. Anangmanjari prays to Chandi Devi with folded hands, “O mother, if I cannot get Kamalakar in this life, then I will be his wife in the next life.”

Saying this, Anangmanjari pulled her scarf and started preparing to hang herself from the tree. That’s why the maid of the state and Anangmanjari’s friend came there. The friend said, “What are you doing, Anangmanjari.” On this Anangmanjari tells him her mind. After hearing this, the friend says, “Don’t worry at all. Soon I will make you meet Kamlakar. Anangmanjari stopped after hearing this from her friend.

The very next day, Anangmanjari’s friend arranged for her to meet Kamlakar. Both reached the garden to meet each other. Both looked at each other and could not contain themselves. Desperate, Kamlakar ran towards Anangmanjari. Anangmanjari’s heartbeat quickened on seeing Kamlakar coming near her and she stopped beating with happiness. Seeing Anangmanjari dead, Kamlakar was also very sad, due to which his heart burst and he also died.

Meanwhile, Manivarma also reached there and was deeply saddened to see his wife lying dead with another man. He loved Anangmanjari very much. That’s why he could not tolerate the separation of his wife and he too left his life. Seeing all this, Chandi Devi herself appeared there and brought everyone back to life.

Having said this, Betal said, “Bikram, tell me who was the most blind in love among these three.”

When Vikram did not say anything, Betal again said, “Tell me who was blind in love with Vikram.”

When Betal asked again and again, Vikram said, “Listen Betal, Manivarma was most blind in love. The reason is that Anangmanjari and Kamalakar met suddenly and he died because of that happiness. Whereas, Manivarma died in grief seeing that his wife was in love with someone else and died in the joy of meeting his love.

On hearing this, Betal said, “Yes Rajan, you gave the correct answer, but you said so I left. Having said this, Betal once again flies off Vikram’s shoulder and hangs on the tree again. With this the Prem Mein Kaun Andha Kaun Vikram Betal story ends.

Learning from the story: Excess of anything can be harmful, so a person should always control his emotions.

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