Twentieth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Twentieth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Twentieth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


This time too, King Vikramaditya takes down the Betal hanging from the tree and carries it on his shoulder and moves forward. Betal again tells a story to King Vikramaditya like every time. Betal says…

Once upon a time, a king named Chandravalok used to rule in Chitrakoot city. He was very fond of hunting. Once he went hunting in the forest, while roaming there he lost his way. Tired, he started resting under a tree. While resting he saw a beautiful girl. Her beauty settled in the eyes of the king. That girl was wearing flower ornaments, the king reached to that girl. That girl was also very happy to see the king. Meanwhile, the girl’s friend told the king that she is the daughter of a sage. After listening to her friend, the king himself went to the sage, he bowed down to the sage.

The sage asked the king, “How are you here, king?” The king said, “I came here to hunt.” After listening to the king, the sage said, “Son, why are you becoming a part of sin by killing innocent creatures.” The words of the sage had a great impact on the king. The king said, “I have understood your point, now I will never hunt again.” The sage was very happy after listening to the king and said, “King, ask whatever you want.”

The king proposed to marry the sage’s daughter. The sage obeyed the king and got the daughter married to the king.

After marriage, the king went towards his kingdom with his wife. On the way, both of them found a terrible monster. That monster was so terrible, it threatened to eat the king’s wife. The demon said, “If you want to save your queen, then within seven days, sacrifice the son of a Brahmin who surrenders himself voluntarily and his parents hold his hand at the time of his death.” ”

The king was very scared and because of that fear he obeyed the demon. The king reached his city in fear and told the whole thing to his diwan. The Diwan consoled the king after listening to the whole thing of the king and said, “Don’t worry, I will do some measures.”

Then the Diwan made an idol of a seven-year-old boy and dressed him in costly ornaments and clothes. After that, the dewan took that idol around from village to village and also to the nearby towns. Along with this, he also told that if a seven-year-old son of a Brahmin sacrifices himself voluntarily and his parents hold hands and feet during the sacrifice, he will get this idol along with hundred villages.

Hearing this news, a Brahmin’s son agreed. He said to his parents, “You will get many sons, my sacrifice will benefit the king and your poverty will also end.” The parents refused a lot, but the son persisted and finally convinced the parents.

The Brahmin parents took their son to the king. The king took everyone and went to the demon. As told by the demon, the king got ready to sacrifice the child and at the time of the sacrifice, the child’s parents held his hands. As soon as the king raised his sword to kill the boy, the boy laughed out loud.

In the meantime, Betal stopped the story in the middle and asked Vikramaditya the question like every time, “Tell me why Vikramaditya the Brahmin’s son laughed?”

The king replied, “The brahmin’s son laughed because whenever a man is afraid, he calls his parents first. If the parents are not there, the person calls the king for help. If even the king could not help, then one remembers God for help, but here no one was there to help the Brahmin’s son. The parents were holding the child’s hand, the king was standing with a sword in his hand and the demon was ready to devour him in front of him. The brahmin’s son was sacrificing himself for the good of someone else and that’s why he laughed.”

Betal became happy after hearing this and praised the king. Then immediately flew like every time and went to the tree and hanged upside down.

Learning from the story: In times of trouble, even if people are around to win, one has to face it alone.

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