Tiger Brokers Australia Review 2022 || Is Tiger Brokers Safe & Legit 🐯

Tiger Brokers Australia Review 2022 || Is Tiger Brokers Safe & Legit 🐯


Tiger Brokers Australia Review


Tiger Brokers Australia Review


Hello friends, you are warmly welcome to our website ilimain.com. In today’s post I am going to share with you – Tiger Brokers Australia Review 2022, Is Tiger Brokers Safe & Legit, Tiger Brokers, Tiger Brokers Australia Review, Tiger Brokers Australia, Happy Birthday GIF.


What is Tiger Brokers Australia


Friends Tiger Broker is one of the leading stock trading brokers in Australia which started its services to Australian investors in 2022. Friends Currently in Australia, Tiger Brokers (AU) Pty Ltd is an ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) regulated financial services provider. Friends Tiger Brokers was launched in 2014 as a subsidiary company by UP-Fintech Holdings Limited, Friends is also listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: TIGR) and has offices around the world, Friends, for example, in Australia, and New Zealand. , Singapore, the USA, and Hong Kong.

Friends, as a new player in the Australian market, Tiger Brokers has been awarded the Best Casual ASX Trader 2022 by Mojo.

Friends Currently Tiger Brokers claims that they have 9 million registered users across the globe. Friends In Australia, the company provides desktop and mobile app trading platforms that are easy to use and make life easier for traders and investors in relation to investing or trading. Friends new users can quickly sign up and start their investing journey in just a few minutes.


Tiger Brokers Features


  • The best feature of Tiger Broker is that they mostly come with a signup bonus for new users, and friends like a joining bonus which can be commission-free trades, free in-depth market data, and stock vouchers to spend. It is possible Friends, this feature encourages new users to start their investment career.
  • Friends Tiger Broker has its own proprietary trading platform such as a mobile app and desktop trading platform. Friends, both of these are packed with completely different features such as instant current converters, trading tools, and indicators.
  • Friends Tiger Brokers provides seamless access to global markets: US, ASX, and HK Stocks and ETFs, and US Options. Friends, especially you can reduce your risk with US options and explore the Asian market (HK stocks) with a low brokerage.
  • Friends Tiger Brokers mobile and desktop platforms offer 2-factor authentication which enhances the security leave and provides a completely secure trading and investment experience.
  • Friends Tiger Broker also offers a demo account with US$100,000 to help friends and new users test the platform features without risking their capital to help new users practice their trading strategies Huh.
  • Friends Tiger Brokers also has its own online community of millions of traders and investors where people share their ideas and knowledge to help others.


Tiger Brokers Brokerage/Fees


Friends currently new users will enjoy 90 days 0 brokerage on ASX and US stock trading after opening their account. Guys Please Find the Regular Fee Below:


Type Fees
Commission 0.025% × Trade Value
Min. AUD 2.5 / Order
Platform Fee AUD 3.99 / Order
Settlement Fee 0.03% of trade value


U.S. Stocks & ETFs


Type Fees
Commission USD 0.0049 / Share
Min. USD 0.99 / Order
Max. 0.5% × Trade Value
Platform Fee USD 0.005 / Share
Min. USD 1 / Order
Max. 0.5% × Trade Value


Hong Kong Stocks & ETFs


Type Fees
Commission 0.03% × Trade Value
Min. HKD 7 / Order
Platform Fee 0.03% × Trade Value
Min. HKD 8 / Order


Tradable Markets And Assets On Tiger Brokers


  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): ETFs, options, and shares
  • Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ): ETFs, options, and shares
  • American Stock Exchange (AMEX): ETFs, options, and shares
  • Australian Securities Exchange (ASX): ETFs and shares
  • Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX): ETFs and shares
  • US Pink Sheet (over-the-counter) exchange: Shares


How Do I Sign Up On Tiger Brokers?


Friends, if you want to sign up for a Tiger Brokers account, then click on the “Open Account” link here and then complete the following steps:


  • Friends choose whether you want to register with your email address or phone number, then enter the relevant information.
  • Select your nationality, country of birth, country of residence, and tax residence.
  • Please provide your name, date of birth, address, gender, and contact details.
  • Upload proof of a friend’s ID, such as your driving license or passport, and proof of your residential address.


Friends’ accounts will be opened within 3 hours of submission of the account opening application. However, friends may require more time in some cases.


Funding In Tiger Broker Account


Funding into Friends Tiger Brokers account is very easy, it can be done via POLI, PAY ID, and bank transfer using AUD, USD, and HKD. Friends The best thing about funding in a Tiger Broker account is that there is no minimum deposit on funding your account. Friends funds are instantly credited to the Friends account and can be converted according to the currency required for trading.

Friends, overall, there are no deposit fees and no minimum deposit limits, which makes Tiger Brokers unique in itself. Friends, sometimes banks charge fees for transferring funds, so Tiger Brokers is not responsible for that fee.


Is Tiger Brokers Safe?


Yes guys, because Tiger Brokers is trading, performing, and regulated under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Guys Tiger Brokers also holds an Australian business number (ABN 12 007 268 386) by the name of Tiger Brokers (AU) Pvt Ltd, Guys also holds an Australian Financial Services License (300767).


Tiger Brokers’ Contacts Information


Client Service
Weekdays 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM Sydney Time
Phone: 02 9169 6999
Email: clientservice@tigerbrokers.com.au


Media Enquiry
Contact email


Business Partnerships
Contact email


Suggestions and Complaints
Contact email


For What Tiger Broker is Good


Tiger Brokers Australia Features
✔️ Easy sign-up Process
✔️ Support US options trading
✔️ Zero minimum Deposit
✔️ Easy-to-use app and desktop trading platform
✔️ Best sign-up bonus
✔️ Fewer brokerage fees
✔️Real-time data
✔️Top-class trading tools


Tigers Brokers Australia- FAQ


Question – Is Tiger Brokers available in Australia?
Answer – Friends Yes, Tiger Brokers is available in Australia from March 2022. Friends, in Australia, Tiger Brokers offers its full range of services such as ASX, US, and Hong Kong Stocks, US Options, and ETF trading at competitive brokerage charges.

Question – Can Tiger Brokers be trusted?
Answer – Guys Yes, Tiger Brokers can be trusted in Australia guys as they are regulated under ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).

Question – Why are Tiger Brokers so cheap?
Answer – Guys Tiger Brokers is so cheap because their main vision is to provide investment and trading opportunities and options to all Australians.

Question – Can I buy bitcoin on Tiger Brokers?
Answer – Friends Currently, the range of trading products offered by Tiger Brokers Australia does not include bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Friends, however, Tiger Brokers has announced that they are planning to launch crypto trading services very soon in the future.

Question – Do Tiger Brokers get dividends?
Answer – Friends’ dividend is paid automatically to your Tiger account, if you hold the stock before the ex-dividend date, friends then you will get the dividend automatically.



Friends, overall the whole article was dedicated to Tiger Brokers Australia. Friends, the main vision of this article is to provide you with a complete guide about Tiger Brokers’ history, features, fees, whether is it safe, is it legit, and how to sign up on Tiger Brokers. Guys We hope you liked this article and your reward for staying on this page is here: Guys Sign up at Tiger Brokers now, and enjoy 90 days 0 brokerage US and ASX trades, friends including In-depth market data is free and also get $50 stock voucher.


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