Thirteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Thirteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Thirteenth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


King Vikramaditya started walking towards the cremation ground by once again lifting Betal hanging upside down on the tree on his shoulder, then Betal started a new story. Betal spoke….

Once upon a time, there lived a Brahmin named Hariswami in Banaras. His wife was very beautiful and her name was Lavanyavati. Lavanyavati’s form was so beautiful that any man would have been fascinated by her. One day Lavanyavati was sleeping on the terrace of her house. As soon as it was midnight, a Gandharva Kumar was going flying through the sky. When his eyes fell on Lavanyavati, he got attracted towards her. Gandharva Kumar took Lavanyavati away. Hariswami woke up in the morning and saw that his wife was missing.

It was a matter of great sorrow for Hariswami. He was so saddened by the abduction of his wife that he decided to commit suicide. When people came to know about this, they explained to Hariswami that he should go on pilgrimage. Pilgrimage will wash away all the sins and you will get your wife back. Hariswami had no other option so he left home for pilgrimage.

When Hariswami was passing through a village, he felt hungry. He reached the house of a Brahmin. Brahmin’s wife gave Kheer to Hariswami to eat. Hariswami reached the bank of a pond with that kheer so that he could wash his face and eat the kheer and if he was thirsty, he could also get water. Putting the bowl of kheer under a tree, Hariswami started washing his hands and feet. Then an eagle came and sat on that tree. The eagle had a snake in its mouth and it was eating it. Snake’s poison dripped into Hariswamy’s kheer. Hungry Hariswami quickly ate that kheer. He didn’t even know that there was poison in the kheer.

The poison spread in Hariswamy’s body and he started suffering. Hariswami came running to the Brahmin’s wife and said why did you poison me and he died after saying this. When the Brahmin saw this, he didn’t even listen to a single word of his wife and accused her of killing a Brahmin and threw her out of his house.

After telling such a story, Baital asked King Vikramaditya, “Tell me, king, who is the culprit in this story, the snake, the eagle or the Brahmin’s wife? The king replied, “In this story none of these three are the culprits, because the snake was under the control of its enemy i.e. the eagle, it could not do anything. The eagle did not intentionally add poison to the kheer, rather he was eating his food peacefully.

The Brahmin’s wife had felicitated the guest, had given him food. Whoever calls these three guilty, he himself will be considered guilty. If there is any culprit in this story, then it is the Brahmin, who without thinking and without knowing the truth, made his innocent wife homeless. Baital said, “Rajan, you have given the correct answer this time also.” Having said this, Baital again flew and hanged on the tree. King Vikramaditya ran after him to catch him.

The moral of the story – We should not take any major decision without proper investigation.

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