Third Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Third Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Third Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Like every time, King Vikram again takes Betal down from the tree and puts him on his back and walks to take him to Yogi. In such a situation, once again Betal Raja starts telling a new story to force Vikram to speak. The story is of King Rupsen and his bodyguard Veervar.

A king named Rupsen used to rule in Vardhaman state. The king was very courageous, kind and just. This was the reason that not only in Vardhaman but also in all the states adjacent to his state, the example of King Rupsen’s personality was given. One day a person named Veervar came to Rupsen’s court. When the king asked the reason for his arrival, Veeravar said, “I want a job and I want to serve you as a bodyguard.”

Hearing this of Veervar, the king said, “I can make you my bodyguard, but for that you will have to prove your efficiency. So that I can decide whether you are fit to be my bodyguard or not.

Veervar immediately got ready after hearing these words of the king. Along with his muscle power, he also showed his weapon skills. King Rupsen was very impressed by seeing all the characteristics of Veervar. The king asked, “Veervar tell me if I make you my bodyguard, what do you need for daily expenses?”

On this question of the king, Veervar said, “Maharaj, you give me thousand tolas of gold.” Veervar had so much to say that all the people present in the court started looking at Veervar with surprise. King Rupsen was also surprised at Veervar’s demand. However, why not, Veervar had demanded such a huge amount as salary.

The king got serious and asked Veervar, “How many people are there in your family?”

Veervar replied, “There are four Maharajs in all, me, my wife, a son and a daughter.”

After listening to Veervar’s answer, the king thought in his mind that why does he need so much money for the maintenance of four people. Then after thinking something, he agreed to give thousand tolas of gold to Veervar as daily expenditure. The only work was that he had to guard outside the king’s chamber every night for the king’s safety.

The king wanted to know what Veervar would do with so much money. He gave Veervar a thousand tolas of gold and asked him to come to the job at night and secretly put some soldiers behind him. Veervar was very happy to get a job and desired salary.

Veervar went home happily with the gold and distributed half of the gold among the Brahmins. The remaining half was divided into two parts. One part was given to recluses, sannyasins and guests. Then, with the remaining gold, food grains were ordered and a fine dish was made. The prepared dish was first fed to the poor and then whatever was left after that was eaten by sharing it with the family.

The soldiers guarding Veervar saw the whole scene and told the king. The king was satisfied to know that Veervar was putting the money given by him to good use. Now the king had to see how true Veervar was in his work.

When Veervar reached the palace and started guarding outside the king’s room, the king did not sleep. The king kept secretly checking the whole night how faithfully Veervar was doing his work. The king found that Veervar was guarding outside the room with full promptness without blinking an eye. The king was very happy to see such devotion of Veervar.

Every day Veervar used to reach the palace as soon as the sun set and was stationed under the protection of the king. Veervar was always present whenever the king needed anything. Just like that, several months passed by. One night something strange happened. The king heard the sound of a woman crying in the middle of the night.

The king was very surprised to hear the woman’s voice. The king called Veervar and said, “Go and find out who is crying so late at night. Also find out the reason for his crying. As soon as the king’s order is received, Veervar immediately leaves from there to know the reason for the crying of that woman.

After going a little distance, Veervar saw a woman. The woman was laden with jewels from head to toe. Sometimes she danced, sometimes jumped and sometimes cried beating her head. Seeing all this, Veervar went to that woman. He asked the reason behind the woman doing this.

When Veervar asked, the woman said, “I am Rajalakshmi. I cry because King Rupsen is going to die soon. Untimely death is written in his horoscope. Now if a justice-loving and efficient king like him goes away, then I will have to live under someone else’s authority. I am very sad about this.

On hearing of the king’s death, Veeravaar asked Rajalakshmi, “Is there no way to avoid this trouble?” On this Rajalakshmi said, “There is a solution, but will you be able to do it?” Veervar said, “You tell me the solution, I will definitely do whatever I can.”

As soon as Veervar agreed, Rajalakshmi said, “There is a temple of a goddess at some distance from here in the east. If you sacrifice your son at the feet of the goddess in that temple, then the crisis facing the king will be averted. After that the king will live for 100 years without any problem and will be able to rule.

After listening to this talk of Rajalakshmi, Veervar walks towards the house and after reaching home, tells everything to his wife. Meanwhile, his son and daughter also wake up. When Veeravar’s son comes to know about this, he also happily agrees to offer sacrifice at the feet of the goddess.

Veervar’s son says, “First of all this is your order, secondly I can save the life of the king, thirdly death at the feet of the goddess, what will be a greater fortune than this for me father. You go now, I will go with you.

Hearing this of the son, Veervar takes his entire family along and reaches the temple of the goddess. On reaching the temple, Veervar took out his sword and beheaded the son, saying, “Mother, accept this sacrifice and grant long life to my king”.

On the death of her brother, Veervar’s daughter also lays down her life at the feet of her mother. After the death of both son and daughter, Veervar’s wife says, “After losing both son and daughter, I also do not want to live.” Saying this, Veervar’s wife snatches the sword from Veervar’s hand and offers her head at the feet of the mother.

After the death of his wife, now Veerwar thinks that I am left alone in my family, then what is the use of my life. Thinking this, he kills himself with the sword lying in front of him.

When King Rupsen came to know about this, he also reached the temple and was very sad to see the whole scene. He thought that four people lost their lives to save my life, in such a situation, I am a king, what will I do with such a life. Just thinking this, the king draws his sword. The king was about to cut his neck with his sword when suddenly the goddess appears there.

Devi says, “Rajan, I am pleased with your courage. Whatever boon you ask for, you will get it. Hearing these words of the goddess, the king says, “Devi, please bring Veervar and his family back to life.” The goddess immediately brings Veervar and his entire family back to life.

Having said this, Betal said, “Tell me, Vikram, whose sacrifice was the biggest among them all.”

Vikram said, “The biggest sacrifice was made by the king.”

Betal asked, “Why that?”

Listen Vikram said, “It is the duty of a son to obey his father. The duty of a servant to give his life for his king. On the other hand, if the king is ready to give his life for his servant, then it is a big deal. That’s why, the sacrifice of the king became the biggest.

After getting this answer from Vikram, Betal says, “Well done Vikram, you gave the right answer, but you forgot, I said that when you spoke, I left.” Having said this, Betal then goes to the same tree and hangs upside down.

Lesson learned from the story: A true king and leader is one who is always devoted to his subjects and is ready to lay down his life for them.

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