The Twelfth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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The Twelfth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


The Twelfth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


After several failures, King Vikramaditya once again tried to take Betal to the yogi, put him on his back and walked away. To cut the way, Betal again started telling a new story to the king.

It is a very old thing, a king named Yashketu used to rule in a state named Punyapur. He had a dewan named Satyamani. Satyamani was a very intelligent and clever minister. He used to handle all the affairs of the king and the luxurious king would have put all the burden on the minister and would have been lying in enjoyment.

Due to the high expenditure of the king on luxury, the money of the Raj Kosh started decreasing. The people also started getting angry with the king. When the minister came to know that everyone was condemning the king, he felt very sad. Then when he saw that he was also being criticized along with the king, he felt very bad. Sathyamani thought of going on a pilgrimage to calm himself down. He talked to the king about this and after taking permission he went on pilgrimage.

While walking, Satyamani reached a beach. The whole day passed and it was night. He thought that he would stay here tonight and take rest. Thinking this he slept under a tree.

When he opened his eyes in the middle of the night, he saw a shining tree emerging from the sea. There were different types of diamonds and jewels on it. A beautiful girl was sitting on that tree playing Veena. Seeing this sight, Satyamani could not believe her eyes. Suddenly that tree and the girl sitting on it disappeared. After all this he was taken aback and ran back to his city.

When he reached the kingdom, he found that due to his absence all the greed of the king had disappeared. He told the whole story to the king. Hearing these words of the Diwan, the desire of getting that girl arose in the heart of the king. He left the entire kingdom in the hands of the Diwan and disguised himself as a sage and went to that sea shore.

When the night came, the king also saw that diamond-pearl studded tree. That girl was still sitting on that tree. The king went swimmingly to the girl and introduced himself to her. Then he asked the girl about him. The girl said, “My name is Mrigankavati and I am the daughter of King Gandharva Vidyadhar.” Then the king proposed marriage to her and the girl said, “Being the queen of a great king like you will make my life successful, Rajan, but I have a condition. I go to a demon on Chaturdashi and Ashtami of every Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha, who swallows me. You have to kill that monster.” King Yashketu immediately accepted this condition.

After this, Chaturdashi of Shuklapaksha came, then Mrigankvati came out at night. The king also went with him and started waiting for the monster hiding. After some time the demon came there and swallowed the girl. Seeing this, the king attacked the demon and by ripping open his stomach with his sword took out Mrigankavati alive.

After this the king asked him what was all this. To this Mrigankavati replied, “I come here every Ashtami and Chaturdarshi day to worship Shiva and my father would never eat without me until I returned home. Once I was late in reaching home and my father had to stay hungry for a long time. When I returned home, he was very angry and cursed me that whenever I went to worship on Chaturdashi day, a demon would swallow me. Then I will rip open his stomach and come out.

When I pleaded with him to free me from the curse, he said that when the king of Punyapur kills that demon to marry me, I will be free from the curse.

After the girl was freed from the curse, the king brought her with him to his kingdom and married her with pomp. After this the king told the whole story to the Diwan and after hearing all this the Diwan died.

Having said this, Betal asked King Vikram, “O king! Now you tell me why the Diwan died after hearing all this?
Vikram said, “The diwan died because he thought that the king had again fallen in love with a woman and that the condition of the kingdom would deteriorate again because of his indulgences. It was better not to tell the king about that girl.

As soon as King Vikram replied, Betal again flew towards the tree and went and hanged upside down on it. At the same time, King Vikramaditya once again ran after Betal to catch him.

Lesson learned from the story: No person should be so engrossed in indulgence that his everything ends. It is good to do things according to your situation and need.

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