The Talkative Tortoise Story With Moral For Kids ( 1065 )

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The Talkative Tortoise Story With Moral For Kids


The Talkative Tortoise Story With Moral For Kids


Origin And History Of The Talkative Tortoise

“The Talkative Tortoise ” is a Panchatantra story with a moral value and is very easy to understand for children. The story can be read by all age groups and just not required only for children, as it will help everyone learn moral values, Also, learning has no age. The world of Panchatantra stories is a magical place where animals and birds can speak and attract child’s attention to make them learn essential morals.

Story Type Of The Talkative Tortoise

“The Talkative Tortoise” is a moral story for kids that you can read to your child or ask your child to read. After reading this story, your child will learn the important value of listening to friendly advice.

Story Characters

The characters of “The Talkative Tortoise” short story are:

  • Tortoise
  • Geese

The Talkative Tortoise Story for Children

Let’s read “The Talkative Tortoise” story.

Once upon a time, there was a talkative tortoise named Kambugriva and two geese named Sankata and Vikata. The tortoise used to live in a pond and become friends with these two geese who used to come and visit him every day at the pond. All of them were very good friends and had been quite happy for many years now.

But soon, they faced a drought that lasted for many months. Due to the drought, all the lakes, rivers and ponds dried up. There was not a drop of water left to drink for the animals and the birds. They began to die of scorching heat and thirst. Many of the animals and birds decided to migrate to some fertile lands with water.

The three friends, tortoise and the two geese, also decided to leave the pond and go to some other lake at a distance in search of water and to settle down there forever. But it was very difficult for the tortoise to shift to a distant place. Although, it was quite easy for the geese as they could fly. The poor tortoise could not cover that distance on foot, and it was impossible for him to fly.

The three friends had a conversation as to what could be a possible solution to this problem. The geese suggested a plan to the tortoise, according to which he would have to hold a piece of a stick by his mouth, which would be carried slowly and carefully while holding the stick’s two ends by the geese. This was only possible on one condition, that the tortoise should not speak, or he would fall and die on the spot. The geese were concerned because they knew that tortoise was very talkative, and it was difficult for him not to talk. The tortoise understood the logic and promised the geese not to open his mouth during the entire journey.

Before starting their journey, the geese again warned their friend not to open his mouth and talk in any situation. Saying this, the geese held the wooden stick ends in their beaks, and the tortoise held on to the stick in the middle with his teeth, and they started their journey. The three friends flew higher and higher, over hills, valleys, fields and plains.

The people on the ground were surprised to see such a strange scene. They started laughing, seeing the geese carrying a tortoise like that. The people shouted and laughed at the tortoise. The tortoise was now annoyed. Unable to control himself, he opened his mouth to speak. But as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, he lost his grip on the stick and fell to his death. And so, the poor tortoise lost his life because of his stupidity.

Story Summary

Here is the summary of “The Talkative Tortoise” story.

Once there was a tortoise who used to live in a pond. Two geese used to visit the same pond every day. The tortoise was very talkative, and he used to talk to the geese. Tortoise and the geese became good friends.

Once there was a drought in the town, and it lasted for a long time. As a result, the water bodies got dry. There was no water left to drink. The geese decided to fly to some other place. The tortoise asked the geese to take him along with them. The geese suggested a plan, according to which the tortoise would have to hold a piece of a stick by its mouth, and the geese will hold its two ends. But the tortoise should not speak. Otherwise, he would fall and die. The tortoise understood the plan and promised not to open his mouth during that journey.

While crossing a village, many people saw the tortoise and started laughing at him. They shouted and made fun of him. The tortoise got annoyed and opened his mouth to speak. As soon as he opened his mouth a little, he fell down to the ground and died. The geese were shocked to see their friend’s end. The tortoise died because of his foolishness.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of “The Talkative Tortoise” story is that one must “Always listen to friendly advice.”

In the story, the tortoise lost his life because he didn’t listen to the advice his friends had given him. If he had listened to them, he would have kept quiet and completed his journey and lived with his friends happily.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In their Real Life?

Children can apply the moral of this story in their real life by listening to the wise advice their friends and elders give them. Sometimes, listening to them and using their advice can help us take better decisions in life, and we can benefit from it.


Final Word

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