The Story Of The Three Little Pigs ~ Bedtime Stories

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The Story Of The Three Little Pigs ~ Bedtime Stories


The Story Of The Three Little Pigs ~ Bedtime Stories


Three little pigs lived with their mother in a forest. After some time when they grew up, their mother called them and said – “My dear sons, all three of you can now take care of yourselves and live your lives on your own. That’s why now I wish that all three of you go out of this forest, roam the world and live life on your own terms.

After listening to their mother, the three pigs came out of their house and started going towards the city. After walking some distance, they reached another forest. All the three pigs were very tired, they thought why not sit under a tree in this forest and rest. Then all three started resting there. After resting for a while, the three brothers started planning their future life with each other.

The first pig gave advice and said – “I think now all three of us should go our own way and try our luck.”

The second pig liked this idea, but the third pig did not like the idea. The third boar said- “No, I think we should stay with each other and start our new life by going to the same place. We can try our luck while still being with each other.”

On listening to him, the first and the second pig said – “How is that?”

The third boar replied – “If all three of us stay around at the same place, we can easily help each other in any trouble.”

Both the pigs liked this thing. Both of them accepted his advice and started building houses nearby at the same place.

First the thought came in the mind of the pig that he should make a straw house, which would be built quickly and would require less effort to build it. He quickly made his straw house in a short time and started resting.

On the other hand, the other boar decided to build a house with the dry branches of the tree. He thought that my twig house would be much stronger than the straw house. After this he collected dry branches of the tree and with some hard work made his house. Then he too started resting in it and started playing.

On the other hand, the third pig with a lot of thought decided to build a house with bricks and stones. He thought, it would take a lot of hard work to build a house, but this house would be strong and safe as well.

It took the third pig seven days to build the brick house. Seeing the third pig working so hard to build a house, the other two pigs made fun of him. They think that he is working so hard to build a house because of his stupidity. Both of them even goaded him to play with them, but the third pig worked hard to make his home. When his house was built with bricks, it looked very beautiful and strong.

After this the three pigs started living happily in their respective houses. At that new place all three of them did not have any kind of problem, because of this all three were very happy in their respective homes. One day a wild wolf was seen at their hideout. Seeing the three fat pigs, his mouth started watering.

He immediately headed towards his house. First he reached the first boar’s house and started knocking on the door. The first pig was sleeping. When he woke up hearing a knock at the door, he asked from inside the house – “Who is at the door?”.

The wolf said – “I am here, open the door and let me in.”

Hearing the harsh voice of the wolf, the boar understood that some wild animal was standing outside the door. He got scared and refused to open the door.

After this the wolf got angry. He said angrily – “Little pig, I will blow your straw house with one blow and eat you.”

He gave a loud blow and the straw house flew away. Poor first pig, somehow he escaped with his life from there and reached the second pig’s house. As soon as the other pig opened the door, he quickly got in and closed the door.

The second boar was surprised to see the first boar so scared. Meanwhile, the wolf reached his house as well and started knocking on the door. The wolf said again – “Open the door, let me in.”

Hearing the sound, the first boar recognized that it was the wolf at the door. He said – “Brother, don’t open the door. This is a wild ferocious wolf, which will eat us both.

When the other pig did not open the door, the wolf again turned red with anger. He shouted – “Little Pigs, what do you think, if you don’t open the door, will you both survive? I can break this house made of twigs in one stroke.

As soon as he said this, the wolf broke the other pig’s house made of twigs in one blow. Now both the pigs ran fast from there and reached the third pig’s house and told him the whole thing.

Hearing all this, the third pig said – “You both don’t be afraid. My house is very strong. That wild wolf cannot break it.”

But, both the pigs were very scared of the wolf, so they hid in a corner of the house.

Meanwhile, the wolf came there. He started knocking on the door of the third pig’s house. He said – “Open the door quickly and let me come inside the house.”

That’s why the third pig said without fear – “No, we will not open the door.”

Hearing this, the wolf shouted – “I will still kill and eat all three of you. I can break this house too.

The wolf started trying to break the brick house of the third boar. First he blew, but he didn’t blow the brick house. After this he tried to break the house with his paw, but he failed in this too.

The brick house of the third boar did not break even after the wild wolf tried so hard, but still the wolf did not give up. He decided that he would enter the house through the chimney.

First he climbed on the roof of the house and then started entering inside the house through the chimney. Hearing the voices coming from inside the chimney, the first and second pigs got more scared and started crying. Only then the third pig got an idea. He lit a fire under the chimney and filled a vessel with water and kept it there to boil.

As soon as the wolf jumped down the chimney, he fell straight into the boiling water and died. In this way the lives of all the three pigs were saved by the wisdom and fearlessness of the third pig.

Then the first and second boar realized their mistake. He said, “Forgive us brother. We shouldn’t have made fun of you. you were absolutely right. Today we are alive because of you. The third boar forgave both of them and also asked them to stay in their own house. After this the three pigs lived happily together in a strong house made of bricks.

Moral of the story – The story of the three little pigs teaches us to never make fun of the hard work of others. Along with this, you should work hard yourself and take any decision only after understanding.


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