The Story Of The Sparrow And The Proud Elephant ~ Bedtime Stories

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The Story Of The Sparrow And The Proud Elephant ~ Bedtime Stories

The Story Of The Sparrow And The Proud Elephant

A bird used to live with her husband on a tree. The bird used to incubate her eggs all day sitting in her nest and her husband used to arrange food for both of them. Both of them were very happy and were waiting for the kids to come out of the egg.

One day the husband of the bird had gone away from their nest in search of grain and the bird was taking care of her eggs. Just then an elephant came there walking in a frenzy and started breaking the branches of the tree. The elephant dropped the bird’s nest, which broke all its eggs. The bird felt very sad. He was getting very angry at the elephant. When the bird’s husband returned, he saw the bird crying on the branch broken by the elephant. The bird told the whole incident to her husband, hearing which her husband was also very sad. Both of them decided to teach a lesson to the arrogant elephant.

They both went to their friend the woodpecker and told him the whole thing. The woodpecker said that the elephant must be taught a lesson. The woodpecker had two more friends, one of whom was a bee and the other a frog. The three of them together planned to teach the elephant a lesson, which the bird liked very much.

As part of his plan, the bee first started humming in the elephant’s ear. When the elephant got lost in the sweet voice of the bee, the woodpecker came and tore both the eyes of the elephant. The elephant started crying out in pain and then the frog came with his family and started quavering near a swamp. The elephant felt that there must be a pond nearby. He wanted to drink water, so he got trapped in the swamp. Thus the bird took revenge on the elephant with the help of the bee, the woodpecker and the frog.

Learning from the story – Children, we learn from this story that the biggest trouble can be defeated by using unity and discretion.

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