The Story Of The Old Vulture’s Advice ~ Bedtime Stories

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The Story Of The Old Vulture’s Advice ~ Bedtime Stories


The Story Of The Old Vulture's Advice ~ Bedtime Stories


A herd of vultures used to live in a dense forest. Their whole herd used to fly together and hunt together. Once they all reached an island flying by. There lived many fish and frogs.

He liked that island very much. All the facilities for his food, drink and living were present on that island. All the vultures started living on the same island. Now they didn’t even have to go anywhere for hunting. Everyone used to eat a lot without any effort and started living life on that island.

An old vulture also lived in the same herd. That old vulture was very upset seeing all this. He started getting worried seeing the lazy condition of his companions.

He would also warn all the vultures many times that friends, we should fly again for hunting, so that we can keep our hunting skills even stronger. If we will be lazy like this, then one day we will even forget to hunt. Therefore, we should soon go back to our old forest.

All the vultures started laughing after listening to the advice of that old vulture. He started making fun of her. He said that due to old age, his mind has deteriorated. So, he is advising us to leave our comfortable life. Saying this, the herd of vultures refused to leave that island. After that the old vulture returned back to the forest alone.

After a few days, that old vulture thought that it was too long, let’s go to that island and meet my relatives and friends there. As soon as that old vulture reached that island, he was surprised to see the condition there. The scene there was horrifying.

All the vultures on that island had died. Only their dead bodies were lying there. Then he saw a wounded vulture in the corner. He went to her and asked about the condition there. He told that a few days ago a herd of cheetahs had come to this island. Who attacked them and killed everyone. We had not flown high for a long time, so we could not even save our lives. Our claws had also reduced the ability to fight them.

The old vulture felt very sad after listening to that injured vulture. After he died, the old vulture went back to his forest.

Learning from the story – We should protect our power and rights at all costs. If we stop doing our duty due to laziness, then it can be fatal for us in future.

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