The Fox And The Hedgehog Story With Moral For Kids ( 1050 )

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The Fox And The Hedgehog Story With Moral For Kids


The Fox And The Hedgehog Story With Moral For Kids


Do you know that listening to and telling stories opens up a world of possibilities for children? Stories have a massive impact on children. Interesting moral stories can be used to help them develop essential skills. When children listen to or read stories, it fuels their imaginations and also gets them fully involved in what they are doing.

In this article, we have covered “The Fox And The Hedgehog” story in English with its moral value. Let’s read the “The Fox And The Hedgehog” full story below and help our little ones learn an essential moral.


Origin And History Of The Fox And The Hedgehog


“The Fox And The Hedgehog” is a tale from Aesop’s fable that must have been told years and years ago. The story has been passed down through oral tradition, resulting in many versions of the story.


Story Type Of The Fox And The Hedgehog


“The Fox And The Hedgehog” is a moral story for children. This is a very short story that is quite easy for children to read, and they would not get distracted while reading this.


Story Characters


The characters of “The Fox And The Hedgehog” story are:

  • Fox
  • Hedgehog
  • Blood-sucking flies


The Fox And The Hedgehog Story For Children


A Fox, swimming across a river, was barely able to reach the bank, so he lay bruised and exhausted from his struggle with the swift current. Soon a swarm of blood-sucking flies settled on him, but he lay quietly, still too weak to shoo them away.

A Hedgehog wandered close by. “Let me drive the flies away,” he said kindly.

“No, no!” exclaimed the Fox, “Do not disturb them! They have taken all they can hold. If you drive them away, another greedy swarm will come and take the little blood I have left.”


Story Summary


A Fox’s tail was swamped for a feast by blood-sucking flies. A Hedgehog offered to remove them, but the Fox said no as those on him were already depleted, and if  a new swarm of flies arrived, they would require more blood.


Moral Of The Story


The moral of “The Fox And The Hedgehog” is “Better to bear a lesser evil than to risk a greater loss in removing it.”

In this short story, the fox’s body was covered with blood-sucking flies, who had already sucked as much blood as they could. The Fox refused the hedgehog to drive the flies away because other greedy swarms would have then come to suck whatever blood was left in his body, and he would have died.


How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?


Through this story, the children will learn essential moral values. The children can apply this moral value in their real life by choosing lesser risks in life than by choosing the greater risk. Parents can teach this moral to their children by explaining it to them with the help of real-life examples. The children should not necessarily be introduced to risky situations to teach this moral but should be introduced in such a way that they learn it easily.




We hope this story helped your little one learn an essential moral lesson easily with the help of “The Fox And The Hedgehog” story. The story is narrated in simple language and without using any fancy words. Therefore, kids will be able to read and comprehend it easily.


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