The Fall And Rise Of The Merchant ~ Bedtime Stories

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The Fall And Rise Of The Merchant ~ Bedtime Stories


The Fall And Rise Of The Merchant ~ Bedtime Stories


There used to be a skilled merchant in a city named Vardhaman. When the king of that state came to know about his skill, the king made him the administrator of his state. Everyone from the common man to the king was greatly impressed by the skill of the merchant. After some time the marriage of the merchant’s daughter was fixed. In this happiness, the businessman organized a big feast. In this banquet ceremony, he invited all the people of the state from the king.

A servant working in the royal household also came to the ceremony, who mistakenly sat on the chair meant for the members of the royal family. The businessman gets very angry seeing that servant sitting on the chair. An angry businessman makes fun of that servant and drives him away from the ceremony. This embarrasses the servant and he decides to teach the businessman a lesson.

A few days later, when he is cleaning the king’s room, the king is fast asleep. The servant takes advantage of the opportunity and starts raving. The servant says, “How dare the merchant misbehave with the queen.” Hearing this, the king wakes up from sleep and says to the servant, “Have you ever seen the merchant misbehaving with the queen.” The servant immediately falls at the feet of the king and apologizes to him and says, “I could not sleep at night, that’s why I am mumbling.” After listening to the servant, the king does not say anything to the servant, but a doubt arises in his mind for the businessman.

After this, the king reduced the authority of the merchant by banning his entry into the palace. The next day, when the merchant comes to the palace for some work, the guards stop him at the door itself. The businessman is surprised to see this behavior of the watchman. On the other hand, the king’s servant standing nearby starts laughing loudly and says to the watchman, “You don’t know who you have stopped. These are very influential people who can get you out of here. He got me thrown out of his banquet.

After listening to those words of the servant, the merchant understands everything and apologizes to that servant. At the same time he invites that servant to his house for a feast. The merchant served the servant very politely and said that whatever he did that day was wrong. The servant is happy after getting respect from the merchant and says, “Don’t worry, I will get you back the lost respect from the king soon.”

The next day, when the king is in a raw sleep, the servant starts grumbling again while cleaning the room and says, “O God, our king is so hungry that he eats kheer while taking a bath in the bathroom.” Hearing this, the king wakes up from his sleep and says to the servant in anger, “You foolish servant, you have so much courage to talk like this about me.”

Seeing the king’s anger, the servant fell at his feet and apologized and said, “Maharaj, I could not sleep properly at night, that’s why I am mumbling.” Then the king starts thinking, “If this servant can speak like this about me, then he must be lying about that merchant too.” The very next day the king called the merchant to the palace and gave him back all the rights that had been taken away from him.

Learning from the story: We learn from this story that one should not make fun of someone considering them small. Everyone should be respected. By humiliating someone, one day you also have to face humiliation.


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