The Elephants and The Mice Story With Moral For Kids ( 1068 )

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The Elephants and The Mice Story With Moral For Kids


The Elephants and The Mice Story With Moral For Kids


Origin And History Of The Mouse And The Elephant

The origin of “The Mouse And The Elephant” lies in Panchatantra, which is a collection of ancient Indian animal fables in Sanskrit. These stories were written to deliver a moral message to children and also help them practice reading, and enhance their reading skills. These Panchatantra stories were written numerous years ago and have been passed down through word of mouth, resulting in many versions of a single story that teaches the same moral value.

Story Type Of The Elephant And The Mouse

“The Mouse And The Elephant” is a moral story for kids that will help them understand the importance of becoming a good and helpful friend. You can ask your child to read this story and help them enhance their reading skill.

Story Characters

The characters of “The Mouse And The Elephant “story are:

  • The community of mice
  • Elephant king
  • Herd of elephants
  • The clever Hunter

The Mouse And The Elephant Story For Children

Let’s read “The Mouse And The Elephant” story with pictures.

A long time ago, there was an old deserted village in India. All the houses, streets and shops in this village were deserted and empty. The windows of the houses were open, and the stairs broken, making it a very fine place for mice to run around. The mice made their tunnels all through these fine old homes, forming great mazes. They were having a good time, holding numerous dinner parties, festivals, weddings, and feasts in this deserted village.

And in this manner, time passed.

One day, a herd of elephants stomped through the village on their way to a big lake. Marching through the village, the elephants were thinking about how good it would be to jump in the lake for a cool swim. Unfortunately, they were unaware that while marching through the village, their stampede tore down a few of the web of mazes and tunnels, belonging to the mice.

The mice were worried and quickly held a meeting.

“If the elephants come this way again, our community is doomed!” cried one mouse.

“We won’t stand a chance!” cried another.

There was only one way they could save their lives. A group of brave mice followed the footprints of elephants all the way to the lake. There they searched for the king of the elephants and said to him,
“Oh king, you have passed through our mice community, which is not far from here. Do you remember?”

“Of course, I remember it,” said the king of elephants.

“Your herd stomped and broken many of the tunnels where we have lived for years. If you return the same way, it would be the end for us. We are too small, and you are too big. We plead you to please find another way to go home. Someday, all of our mice community can help you too.”

The king of the elephant smiled, imagining how tiny mice could ever help an elephant. But he felt sorry that his herd had crushed the village of mice without even knowing it.

He said to them, “You don’t need to worry. I will lead my herd home through another path.”

Some days later, a hunter came to know that the elephants had come to jump into the big lake to swim. He laid a water trap there to capture the elephants. As soon as the elephants jumped into the water, they were caught in the trap.

Somehow, one elephant managed to escape because she had not jumped into the lake. The elephant king called out to her and told her to visit the old deserted village and ask the mice for help.

When the mice found out that the elephants were in trouble, they raced over to the lake. Seeing the elephant king and his herd entangled in the net, they quickly dived in and began nibbling the nets. They nibbled and nibbled as quickly as they could. Soon, the ropes were ripped apart, and the mice set their elephant friends free.

The elephant herd and the mice community lived as good friends from that day onwards.

Story Summary

Here is the summary of “The Mouse And The Elephant” story for kids.

A group of mice used to live peacefully in a deserted village. One day a herd of elephants were passing through the village to visit the nearby lake. Unknowingly, they destroyed the homes of all the mice. The mice then decided to approach the king of elephants and requested him to take his herd back home through another route. The elephant king understood their problem and agreed to take another path to go back home. The mice promised to help the king in return.

One day, the elephants were trapped in a big net, laid by a clever hunter. The elephants tried a lot but could not get released from the net. Suddenly, the elephant king remembered the mice and how he had helped them. He called out to one elephant belonging to the herd, who was free from the trap and ordered her to go and contact the mice.

When mice got to know about the situation, and agreed to help. They all started nibbling the ropes with their teeth. As a result of this help, the elephant herd managed to escape from the hunter’s trap and were set free.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of “The Mouse And The Elephant” story is that “A friend in need is a friend indeed,”

In the story, first, the king of elephants helped the mice by taking another route to go back home and saved the houses belonging to the mice. In return, the mice helped the elephants when they were trapped in the hunter’s net. Therefore, we can say that “helping friends in need” is an important characteristic of a true friend, which is often put to test in difficult situations.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the moral of “The Mouse And The Elephant” short story in their real life by helping their friends when they are in trouble rather than leaving them to fend for themselves.

Parents can instill this moral value in their kids by reading such stories to them and also practicing these values themselves. When your child sees you helping others, they will slowly learn from you and start adapting this good habit.


Final Word

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