Tenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Tenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Tenth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Once again King Vikramaditya takes Betal down from the tree and proceeds to go to the yogi. Like every time, this time again Betal tells a story to Rajan. Betal tells that…

There was a king named Virbahu, who used to rule small states. The king lived in the capital named Anagpur. In the same capital also lived a merchant named Arthadatta, who had a daughter named Madanasena. The merchant’s daughter often used to go for a walk in the garden. One day a young man saw Madansena in the garden and kept on watching. He had fallen in love with Madansena and is constantly immersed in her thoughts.

One day with courage the young man went to the garden. Madansena was sitting there alone. He told the young lady, “My name is Dharam Singh and I have fallen in love with your beauty.” The merchant’s daughter replied, “Stay away from me, I am someone else’s trust.” Dharam Singh does not listen to her and insists on marriage. Madanasena then tells, “My marriage has been fixed with Samudra Dutt and I cannot accept the offer.”

Dharam Singh became sad on hearing this. In anger he said to Madanasena, “If you become mine, I will cut my vein.” Madansena was very scared after hearing this. Madanasena promised him that she would come to meet him exactly after five days. Dharam Singh was happy to hear this.

On the fifth day Madansena was to be married to Samudra Dutt. After completing all the marriage rituals, Madansena went to her husband Samudradatta’s house, but she remembered her promise to Dharam Singh. As soon as the husband goes to Madansena, she tells him that I have to talk to you very important. She says, “I have to go to meet a boy whom I had promised to meet today before marriage.” Samudra Dutt became very sad after hearing this. Woe to such a woman, he thought, who wants to go to another man on the very first day. Even if I stop it, it will go away. Thinking like this, Samudra Dutt allowed him to go.

After getting permission from her husband, Madanasena quickly started walking towards the boy’s house. Seeing the woman going in the bride’s clothes, a thief stopped her. The thief caught hold of her and said, “Where are you going?” Madansena got scared. He said to the thief, “You take my jewelry and let me go.” The thief said, “I don’t want your jewelry but you.”

Narrating the whole thing, Madansena said, “First I will go to meet Dharam Singh, after that I will come back to you.” The thief asked, “You are leaving your husband on the very first day of marriage.” The girl replied that she was going with her husband’s permission. Hearing this the thief said, “When your husband can send you, then go, I will also let you go. But after returning from there you come directly to me.

Madanasena promised the thief and started walking to go near that boy. On the other hand, both Madanasena’s husband and the thief were following her. While walking, Madansena reached Dharam Singh’s house. Seeing Madanasena in the wedding dress, he asked, “Hey! You have come wearing a wedding dress to marry me. Madanasena tells him that she is married. On hearing this, the boy said, “How did you escape from your husband and come here?” Madansena told him everything about how she had got permission from her husband.

On hearing this, Dharam Singh said, “Your husband has allowed you to come with such confidence and now you have become someone else’s trust by getting married. I love you a lot, but can’t touch someone else’s woman. Before anyone sees you, you go to your husband. Both the thief and Madansena’s husband were secretly listening to all her talk. As soon as Madansena steps out of Dharam Singh’s house, they both go their separate ways.

Madanasena leaves the boy’s house and reaches straight to the thief. The thief sees it and thinks in his mind, how sacred it is, it would be wrong to do anything with it. At the same time, he also remembers about Dharam Singh’s house. He is impressed by Madansena’s honesty and Dharam Singh’s sacrifice and says, “Go to your husband, what are you doing here.” Having said this, the thief leaves Madansena to his house.

Betal stops the story of Madansena and asks the king, “O king! Now tell me, who has the biggest sacrifice among these three. Vikramaditya says, “Betal is the biggest sacrifice the thief has made.” On hearing this, he asks the king how? Vikramaditya says, “Listen Betal, Madanasena’s husband lets her go thinking that she is attracted to another person, what to do with such a woman. Dharam Singh leaves her considering her to be someone else’s wife and he was also aware that he was committing a sin.

At the same time, there must have been a fear that Madansena’s husband might punish her by telling the king in the morning. The thief was not afraid of anything, he abandoned the woman laden with jewels. He was always doing sinful deeds, if he had done it this time too, nothing would have happened to him. That is why the sacrifice of a thief is great. Betal was very happy after hearing the king’s answer and said, “Rajan, you have opened your mouth, now I am leaving.” Having said this, Betal flies away once again.

Moral of the story: One should not lose his character and self-confidence in any trouble.

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