Story Of Vikram Betal: Who is The Sinner – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Story Of Vikram Betal: Who is The Sinner – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Story Of Vikram Betal: Who is The Sinner - Bedtime Stories For Adults


After hard work, King Vikramaditya once again caught Betal. He carried her on his shoulder and took her to the crematorium. On the way Betal started a new story to the king and Betal said…

Once upon a time there was a king in Kashi, whose name was Pratap Mukut. He had a child, whose name was Vajramukut. One day Vajramukut went to the forest to hunt with the son of the Diwan. After roaming around for a long time, both of them saw a pond, in which lotuses were blooming and swans were flying.

Both the friends stopped there and washed their hands and face with the water of the pond and went to visit the nearby temple of Mahadev. Both tied their horses outside the temple. Then when both the friends came out of the temple after having darshan, they saw that a princess had come to bathe with her friends in the pond.

The prince was very happy to see Rakumari. Both the prince and the princess were enamored of each other, while the diwan’s son rested there under a tree. On seeing the prince, the princess took out a lotus flower from her hair, applied it to her ear, gnawed it with her teeth, pressed it under her feet and then hugged her chest and went with her friends.

After his departure, the prince was very sad and returned to his friend and told the whole thing. The prince said, “I cannot live without a princess, but I do not know anything about this princess. Where does she live, what is her name?

The Diwan’s son heard everything and comforting the prince said, “Prince, don’t panic. The princess has told everything. Surprised, the prince asked, “How is that?”

The Diwan’s son started telling the prince that the princess took out a lotus flower from her hair and applied it to her ear, meaning that the princess says she is from Karnataka. Bite the flower with teeth, meaning his father’s name is Dantavat. Pressing the flower with the feet meant that the princess’s name is Padmavati and applying the flower with the chest meant that you have now settled in her heart.

The prince became very happy after hearing all this. Being happy, the prince told the Diwan’s son that I want to go to Karnataka, take me there. Both the friends reached Karnataka after roaming around for many days. When both of them reached near the palace, they saw an old woman spinning a spinning wheel.

On seeing the woman, both got down from the horse and went to her and said, “Mother, we are both merchants, we have come from far away. Our goods have not arrived yet, in a few days our goods will also reach. We both just need some space to be.” Hearing his words, the old lady’s affection awoke, she said, “Son, consider this as your own home. You can stay here as long as you want.” After this both started living in his house. Meanwhile, the son of the Diwan asked the lady, “What work do you do, mother? Who lives with you? How do you make a living?”

Slowly that woman started answering all these questions. He said, “I have a son, who is employed with the king. I was the maidservant of Padmavati, the daughter of the king. I am old, so I stay at home. Maharaj gives me food and once a day I go to see the princess.

On hearing this, the prince gave some money to the old woman and asked her to convey the message to the princess. The prince said to the old woman, “Mother, tomorrow when you go to the princess, tell her that the prince you found near the river on Jeth Sudi Panchami has come to your kingdom.” The next day the old woman went to the princess with the prince’s message. The princess got angry after listening to that woman. Putting sandalwood in his hands, he slapped that woman on the cheek and said, get out of my house.

The old woman returned home and told everything to the prince. The prince was shocked to hear the woman’s words. Then the prince’s friend consoled the prince and said, “Prince, don’t worry. Try to understand the words of the princess. Note that the princess has dipped her fingers in white sandalwood and hit the cheek. This means there are still a few days of moonlight. See you in the dark night after they are over.”

After a few days the old woman again came to the princess with a message. This time the princess dipped three fingers in saffron and hit the old woman’s face and said, “Run away from here.” Then that woman came and told everything to the prince. The prince was very sad to hear this. On this the Diwan’s son said to the prince, “There is nothing to be sad about, prince. The princess has said that she is not feeling well right now, so stay for three more days.

After three days, that old woman again went to the princess. This time again the princess reprimanded the woman and asked her to go out through the west window. The woman again went to the prince and told the whole story. Then the Diwan’s son explained to the prince that the friend princess has called you towards that window.

The prince jumped with joy on hearing this. He disguised himself as a woman by wearing the clothes of an old woman, applying perfume and armed himself and went to meet the princess. The prince reached the palace and reached the princess’s room through the window. The princess was there ready and waiting for the prince. As soon as the prince entered the room, his eyes widened.

Many expensive things were kept in the princess’s room. The prince and the princess stayed together for the whole night. Then as soon as the day came, the princess hid that prince from everyone. When night fell, the prince would come out. Many days passed doing this. Then suddenly the prince remembered his friend. The prince was worried about his friend that he did not know where his friend would be, how he would be and what would have happened to him.

Seeing the prince sad, the princess asked the reason for the prince’s sadness. After that the prince told the princess about his friend. The prince said, “He is a very good and clever friend of mine. Because of that I have been able to meet you.

After hearing this, the princess said to the prince, “I will prepare delicious food for your friend. You come back after feeding him and explaining to him.

Then the prince reached his friend with food. The two friends had not met for almost several months. After meeting, the prince told everything to his friend. The prince said, “I told the princess about your cleverness. The princess has sent food for you.

Hearing all this, Diwan’s son got into thinking. He told the prince that you did not do it right. The princess has understood that as long as I am with you, she will not be able to keep you under her control. Therefore, they have sent poison in this food.

As soon as he said this, Diwan’s son took a laddu from that food and gave it to a dog sitting in front of him. The dog died after eating the laddoos. Seeing this, the prince felt very bad. He said that God protect from such a woman. Now I will not go near that princess.

Diwan’s son said to the prince, “No, now some such trick should be found so that we can take him to our house together.” Tonight you go there and when the princess is sleeping, make a mark of the trident on her left thigh. Then bring her jewelry.

The prince listened to his friend and did as he said. Then the Diwan’s son disguised himself as a yogi. He asked the prince to sell these ornaments in the market. If someone catches you, then say go to my master and bring him to me.

The prince took the jewels to a goldsmith near the palace. The goldsmith recognized the jewels on sight and took the prince to the Kotwal. Kotwal asked Rajkumar questions, then Rajkumar said, “My Guruji has given these ornaments to me. After hearing this, the Kotwal also caught the son of the Guru i.e. Diwan and took him to the king’s court.

The king asked, “Yogi Maharaj, where did you get these precious ornaments?”

The Diwan’s son, disguised as a Yogi, said, “Your Majesty, I was receiving the Dakini Mantra on Kali Chaudas in the crematorium when a Dakini appeared in front of me. I took off her jewelery and made a mark of a trishul on her left thigh.

On hearing this, the king went to the palace and asked the queen to look at Padmavati’s left thigh to see if there was a mark of a trident on the princess’s thigh. After listening to the king, the queen saw and indeed there was a mark of Trishul on the left thigh of the princess. The king was very sad to know this. Then the king went to Yogi and said Yogi tell me what is the punishment for bad women in the scriptures?

Yogi replied – If any bad deed is done to Brahmin, king, cow, woman, man and anyone living in his kingdom, then he should be thrown out of the kingdom. On hearing this, the king sent Padmavati to the forest. There the prince and the son of the diwan were sitting waiting for the opportunity. Finding the princess alone, both of them brought her to their city and started living happily.

The story ended and like every time once again Betal asked Vikram, “So Rajan tell who is the sinner in this story? Tell me quickly Rajan, otherwise I will cut your head into pieces.

Vikram replied, “The sinner was the king, because the son of the diwan did the work of his master. The Kotwal listened to the king and the prince granted his wish, but in this story the king was a sinner. He threw the princess out of the kingdom without thinking twice. As soon as Vikram said this, Betal again flew and hanged on the tree.

Learning from the story: Decision should always be taken using intelligence, otherwise anyone can get anything done by confusing.

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