Story Of The Woodcutter And The Golden Axe ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of The Woodcutter And The Golden Axe ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of The Woodcutter And The Golden Axe ~ Bedtime Stories


Years ago, there lived a woodcutter named Kusam in a city. He used to go to the forest everyday to cut wood and buy food for himself with whatever money he got by selling them. His routine was going on like this for years. One day the woodcutter climbed a river flowing in the forest to cut the branches of a tree beside it. While cutting the wood of that tree, the woodcutter’s ax fell down.

Quickly the woodcutter got down from the tree and started searching for his axe. He thought that his ax must have fallen near the river and would be found on searching. In reality none of this happened because his ax fell straight down from the tree into the river. That river was very deep and fast flowing.

For half an hour the woodcutter kept searching for his axe, but when the wood was not found, he felt that now he would never get his ax back. This made him very sad. The woodcutter knew that he did not even have enough money to buy a new axe. Now he started crying sitting on the bank of the river on his condition. Hearing the cry of the woodcutter, the river gods came there.

He asked the woodcutter, ‘Son! What happened why are you crying so much? Have you lost something in this river? On listening to the river god’s question, the woodcutter told him the story of his ax falling. The god of the river asked to help the woodcutter in finding the ax as soon as he heard the whole thing and went away.

After some time the god of the river came out of the river and told the woodcutter that I have brought your axe. A smile appeared on the woodcutter’s face after listening to the words of the river deity. Then the woodcutter saw that the god of the river had taken a golden colored ax in his hands. The woodcutter said with a sad heart, ‘ This golden colored ax is not mine at all. This golden ax must have belonged to some rich person. After listening to the woodcutter, the gods of the river disappeared again.

After some time the deity of the river again came out of the river. This time he had a silver ax in his hands. The woodcutter was not happy even after seeing that axe. He said that this too is not my axe. This will be another person’s axe. You will give this ax to him. I have to find my own axe. This time too, after listening to the woodcutter, the deity of the river again left from there.

God who went into the water came out after a long time this time. Now the woodcutter had a big smile on his face on seeing the deity. He told the river god that this time you have an iron ax in your hand and it seems that it is my ax only. Such an ax fell down from my hand while cutting the stomach. You give this ax to me and send the other axes to their rightful owners.

The god of the river was very pleased to see such honesty and innocent mind of the woodcutter. He told the woodcutter that you have no greed at all. Had someone else been in your place, he would have quickly taken the golden axe, but you did not do so at all. You refused to take even the silver axe. All you needed was your iron axe. I am greatly impressed by your pure and sincere heart. I want to gift you an ax of both gold and silver. You keep these with you along with your iron axe, as a gift of your honesty.

Learning from the story – There is nothing in this world that has greater wealth than honesty. A person with good faith is praised all around.

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