Story Of The Elephant And The Tailor ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of The Elephant And The Tailor ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of The Elephant And The Tailor ~ Bedtime Stories


Years ago there was a well known temple in a village Ratnapur. Every day a priest used to worship in that temple. That priest had an elephant of his own, which he used to take with him to the temple everyday. All the people of the village liked the elephant very much. The elephant also used to welcome and felicitate all the devotees coming to the temple.

After finishing the worship in the morning, the priest used to take his elephant to the pond for a bath. Everyday the elephant used to stop at the tailor’s shop while returning home after bathing in the pond. The tailor would also lovingly give a banana to the elephant to eat everyday. The elephant, after eating the banana, greeted the tailor with its trunk and went home with the priest.

All this was a part of the everyday life of the elephant and the priest. One day when the elephant stopped at the tailor’s shop to eat a banana, the tailor felt like playing a prank. After giving the banana to the elephant, he kept the needle in his hand. As soon as the elephant greeted him, the tailor pricked his trunk with a needle.

As soon as the needle was pricked, the elephant started whining loudly. The tailor made fun of the elephant’s pain and started laughing out loud.

The priest did not know what happened. He took the elephant to his home caressing it. The next day again the priest and the elephant were returning from the pond. The priest stopped at some distance and started talking to the people. The elephant stopped at the tailor’s shop as usual. Today the elephant had filled mud in its trunk.

The tailor was sitting in his shop stitching clothes. As soon as the elephant saw the tailor, the elephant threw mud all over his shop. Not only did the tailor get wet in that mud, but the stitched clothes of his shop also got spoiled.

The tailor understood that the elephant has punished me today for what I had done yesterday. The tailor realized his mistake and ran to the elephant. He tried to apologize to the elephant. He said, “O Gajraj, you have done absolutely right. This should be the result of what I did yesterday.”

The elephant looked at the tailor and walked away waving his trunk in the air. The tailor was feeling very bad in his heart. He had lost a good friend elephant in the course of his pranks. From that day onwards the tailor decided that he would not harm anyone even in jest.

Learning from the story – The story of the tailor and the elephant teaches us that no one should be treated badly. Not even jokingly.

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