Story Of The Ant And The Grasshopper ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of The Ant And The Grasshopper ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of The Ant And The Grasshopper ~ Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time. It was summer and an ant was working hard collecting grains for himself. Actually, she was thinking that why not finish her work before the sun gets bright. The ant had been engaged in this work for many days. She used to collect grains daily from the field and deposit them in her bill. Right there, a grasshopper was jumping nearby. He was dancing happily. Was enjoying life by singing songs.

The sweaty ant was tired of carrying the grains. She was going towards the burrow with grains on her back, when the grasshopper sprang up in front of her. Said, dear ant… why are you working so hard. Let’s have fun The ant ignored the grasshopper and picked it up from the field and kept depositing each grain in its bill.

The grasshopper immersed in fun laughs and makes fun of the ant. Jumping and coming in his way, he would say, dear ant, come listen to my song. What a wonderful weather. Cold wind is blowing. It is golden sunshine. Why are you wasting this beautiful day by working hard. The ant got disturbed by the antics of the grasshopper. He said while explaining, listen grasshopper- cold weather is going to come after a few days only. Then a lot of snow will fall. Grain will not be found anywhere. My advice is, make arrangements for your own food.

Slowly the summer season is over. The grasshopper immersed in fun did not even know when the summer was over. After the rain came the cold. The sun was barely visible due to fog and snowfall. The grasshopper had not gathered any grain for his food. There was a thick sheet of snow everywhere. The grasshopper started suffering from hunger.

The grasshopper did not even have any arrangement to avoid snowfall and cold. Then his eyes fell on the ant. The ant was happily eating the grains stored in its bill. Then the grasshopper realized that he had got the result of wasting time. The ant again helped the grasshopper suffering from hunger and cold. Gave him some grains to eat. The ant had collected a lot of grass and straws to avoid the cold. He also asked the grasshopper to make his home.

Moral of the story: You should do your work with hard work and dedication. People may make fun of him at that time, but later they will praise him.


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