Story Of Sun And Wind ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Sun And Wind ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of Sun And Wind ~ Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time, one day there was a sudden dispute between the sun and the wind. The two started arguing as to who was the most powerful of the two. Vayu was very proud and stubborn. He was very proud of his power. He believed that if it starts flowing at a fast speed, it can uproot big trees. The moisture present in it can also freeze the water of rivers and lakes.

Due to his pride, Vayu argued with Surya and said – “I am more powerful than you. If I want, I can shake anyone with my gust.

The sun refused to listen to the wind and said in a very calm way – “Look, you should never be proud of yourself.”

Hawa got irritated hearing this and kept telling herself more powerful.

On this both were arguing with each other that only then they saw a man on the way. The man was wearing a coat. Seeing him, a plan came in Surya’s mind. He said to the wind – “Whoever forces this man to take off his coat will be considered more powerful.”

Hawa agreed and said – “Okay. I’ll try first. Till then you hide in the clouds.

The sun hid behind the clouds. Then the wind started blowing. She started flowing slowly, but the man did not take off his coat. Then she started flowing fast. Due to the strong wind, the man started feeling cold and he wrapped his body well with his coat.

A cold and strong wind blew for a long time, but the man did not take off his coat. At last the wind became tired and calm.

After this came the turn of the Sun. He came out of the clouds and started shining like a little sun.

As soon as there was light sunshine, the man got some relief from the cold temperature, so he loosened his coat. After this, the sun again started shining brightly and the bright sun came out.

As soon as the sun was strong, the man started feeling hot and he took off his coat.

When Hawa saw this, she felt ashamed of herself and accepted her defeat in front of Surya. In this way the pride of the arrogant Vayu was also broken.

Learning from the story – One should never be proud of one’s own ability and strength, because those who are proud never win.


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