Story Of Strength in Unity ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Strength in Unity ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of Strength in Unity ~ Bedtime Stories


A farmer lived in a village. He had four sons. The farmer was very hardworking. This was the reason that all his sons also used to do their every work with full hard work and honesty, but the problem was that all the sons of the farmer did not get along with each other at all. They used to fight and quarrel with each other on every little thing. The farmer used to be very worried about this quarrel of his sons. The farmer tried many times to convince his sons for this, but his words had no effect on the four brothers.

Slowly the farmer grew old, but the process of mutual quarrels between his sons was not taking its name. In such a situation, one day the farmer took out an idea and made up his mind to remove this habit of sons’ quarrel. He called all his sons and called them to him.

On hearing the farmer’s voice, all the sons reached their father. He could not understand why his father had called all of them together. Everyone asked the father the reason for calling him. The farmer said – Today I am going to give you all a task. I want to see who among you is the one who can do this work well.

All the sons said in one voice – Father, give whatever work you want to give. We will do it with full hard work and honesty. Hearing this from the children, the farmer said to his elder son, ‘Go and bring some sticks from outside’. The farmer asked his second son to bring a rope.

As soon as the father spoke, the elder son went to fetch wood and the other son ran outside to fetch the rope. After some time both the sons came back and gave the wood and rope to the father. Now the farmer told his sons to tie all these woods with a rope and make them bundles. Following the father’s order, the elder son made a bundle by tying all the woods together.

After the bundle was ready, the elder son asked the farmer – Father, what do we have to do now? The father smiled and said- ‘Children, now you have to break this bundle of wood into two parts with your own strength.’ After listening to the father, the elder son said, ‘This is the work of my left hand, I will do it in minutes. ‘ The second son said, ‘What’s in it, this work will be done easily.’ The third son said, ‘No one except me will be able to do this.’ No, I am the strongest of all of you, no one else can do this work except me.’

Then what was it, everyone got busy in proving their point and once again a fight started between the four brothers. The farmer said – ‘ Children, I have not called you all here to quarrel, but I want to see who among you is the one who can do this work well. So, stop fighting and show this bundle of wood by breaking it. Everyone will be given a turn-by-turn chance for this work.

Saying this, the farmer first handed over the bundle of wood to his eldest son. The elder son tried hard to break the bundle, but failed to break it.

After failing, the elder son handed over the bundle of wood to the second son and said that brother, I have tried, I will not be able to do this work, you try it yourself.

This time the bundle of wood was in the hands of the other son. He also tried his best to break that bundle, but the bundle of wood did not break. After failing, he gave the bundle of wood to the third son and said, this work is very difficult, you also try.

This time the third son also tried his best, but the bundle of wood was too thick. For this reason, even after applying more force, he was not able to break it. After a lot of hard work, when it did not happen to him, then at last he gave the bundle of wood in the hands of the youngest son.

Now it was the turn of the younger son to try his hand. He also tried hard, but like all the brothers, he too could not succeed in breaking that bundle of wood. In the end, he threw the bundle of wood on the ground and said- ‘Father, this work is not possible.’

The farmer smiled and said, ‘Children, now you open this bundle, separate its woods and then try to break it.’ The four brothers did the same. This time everyone took one stick each in their hands and easily broke it.

The farmer said – ‘ Children, all four of you are also like these woods. As long as you stay together like these sticks, no one will be able to harm you, but if you keep fighting, you will break easily like these lonely sticks.’

After listening to the farmer’s words, now all the children understood what the father wanted to explain to them. All the sons apologized for their mistakes and promised that they would never quarrel with each other again in life.

Lessons from the story Strength in Unity – Strength in Unity The story tells us that unity is the greatest strength. If we remain united among ourselves, then no matter what difficulty comes, it can be easily faced together. On the other hand, if we fight with each other and live separately, then even the smallest problem can become a big burden on life.


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