Story Of Little Red Chunni ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Little Red Chunni ~ Bedtime Stories

Story Of Little Red Chunni ~ Bedtime Stories

Once upon a time, a small girl lived with her parents in a village. She loved her grandmother more than her parents. His grandmother lived on the other side of the village which passed through the forest. The little girl’s grandmother once gifted her a red hood, which she always wore. For this reason people used to call her by the name of Little Red Riding Hood i.e. Nanhi Lal Chunni. Little Red Riding Hood often used to visit her grandmother. She used to stay there most of the time and then used to come back to her house. Grandma also liked Little Riding Hood very much.

Once Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother suddenly fell ill. Because of this she could not meet him much. He was very sad about this. Only then did he come to know that his mother was taking food and medicines for his grandmother. She ran to her mother and asked, “Mother, for whom are you taking these food and medicines?”

To this Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said, “Son, I am taking these food and medicines for your grandmother.” Hearing this, Little Red Hood became happy and said to her mother, “Shall I take these food and medicines for grandmother?” I want to meet him.

Little Red Riding Hood’s mother agreed and gave her a bag of food and medicines and said, “Well you go, but make sure you go the right way and don’t talk to any stranger on the way”. Hearing this, Little Hood said, “All right, mother. I’ll go straight to grandma’s house.” Saying this, the little girl put on the hood given by her grandmother and after saying goodbye to her mother, left to go to the village on the other side of the forest.

She went ahead through the forest. After going some distance in the forest, the scent emanating from his basket woke up a sleeping wolf. The wolf’s eyes fell on that little girl. He was very happy to see her and thought, “Oh wow a little victim, but where is she going.”

The wolf immediately ran up to Little Hood and said, “How are you, dear girl! Will you give me this delicious food to taste? The little girl was scared at first after hearing the wolf’s question, but then fearfully said, “I’m sorry.” I can’t give you this food. I am taking this for my ailing grandmother, who lives alone.” After this Little Red Riding Hood thought a little and took out an apple from her bag and gave it to the wolf, saying, “You eat it.”

The wolf took the apple from Little Red Riding Hood’s hand and thought to himself, “Wow! His grandmother also lives alone, so first I swallow his grandmother and later this, but till then he will have to be restrained. Then the wolf said to Little Red Riding Hood, “Hey listen! Just wait and listen to me, I know how your sick grandmother can be cured. The little girl was happy to hear this and said to the wolf, “Really, but how? Can you tell me how she will get well soon.

On this the wolf said, “Yes, yes….I will definitely tell you that method. For this you have to pluck some strawberries from the forest. These strawberries have magical powers, eating which your grandmother will be cured in no time. Hearing the wolf, Little Hood said, “Oh wow! thank you so much. I’ll just go get some strawberries.” Having said this, Little Hood went to pick strawberries.

On the other hand, the clever wolf planned that, first go to grandmother’s house. In fact, the wolf had thought it well that he would first swallow Grandma and then little Little Hood. After this the wolf went towards grandmother’s house. On reaching grandmother’s house, the wolf saw that she was sleeping comfortably on the bed. As soon as he entered the house, grandmother woke up and was startled to see the wolf. He asked the wolf, “Why have you come here?” At this the wolf said, “Eat you and your granddaughter.” After this the grandmother tried to drive him away, but the wolf did not agree and swallowed the grandmother.

Here, Little Riding Hood reached Grandma’s house humming a song with strawberries. As soon as he reached there, he knocked on the gate and said, “Grandma, I have come, open the door quickly.” I have brought many things for you. Then a voice comes from inside the house, “My child, the door is open, you come straight into the house.” Little Hood was a little surprised to hear this voice. Actually, he found his grandmother’s voice changed, but he thought that perhaps her voice might have changed due to ill health.

Then she opened the gate and entered the house. Here he saw that the room was completely dark. She started calling out to her grandmother, “Grandma! grandmother! Where are you and why is the room so dark?” On this a voice came from the room, “Oh my child, I have been ill for many days, because of this my body has become very weak.” Hearing this Little Red came in, then she said, “Good! But, how have your ears become so big. Earlier they were not like this. On this again the wolf said, “Oh my child, so that I can hear your words well, I have made my ears big.”

Then Little Red Riding Hood asked again, “So grandma, how did your eyes get so big?” To this the grandmother said, “Son, that is so that I do not have trouble seeing you.” Then again Little Hood asked, “Good! Then these hands, why have they become so long. To this the grandmother said, “These hands have grown long to hug you.”

Then he asked, “So your teeth, how did they get so long.” On answering this question, the wolf came in front of him and said, “So that I can make you my prey.” As soon as he said this, the wolf jumped towards Little Riding Hood and swallowed her like grandmother. After this the wicked wolf fell asleep on the grandmother’s bed and started snoring loudly.

Just then a woodcutter was passing by grandmother’s house. Where he heard loud snoring, hearing which he stopped. He saw that the sound of snoring was coming from grandmother’s house. He entered inside the house. Here he saw that the wicked wolf was sleeping on the grandmother’s bed. He understood that the wolf had swallowed the grandmother.

The woodcutter immediately thought of an idea to teach a lesson to the wicked wolf. He brought scissors and cut open the wolf’s belly, taking Grandma and Little Hood out safely. After this the woodcutter immediately put a big stone in the belly of the wicked wolf and the grandmother sewed up his belly.

As soon as she came out of the wolf’s stomach, the first thing that little Red Chunni asked her grandmother was, “Grandma, you are fine, didn’t that wolf harm you?” To this the grandmother said, “No, my child! I’m all right Nothing has happened to me. After this, Grandmother, little Little Hood and the woodcutter all hid behind the door of the house to wait for the wicked wolf to wake up from his sleep.

After some time, when the wolf woke up from sleep, he felt that his stomach was very heavy. He thought that perhaps he had swallowed Grandma and Little Hood, which is why his stomach was heavy. After this he went out to drink water on the river bank. As soon as the wolf bent down on the river bank to drink water, he fell into the river itself. After this Grandma, Little Hood and the Woodcutter were very happy and went back to their house. ,

Arriving home, Little Hood promised her grandmother that she would never speak to a stranger again, and thanked the woodcutter for saving her and her grandmother’s life. Then all three spent the whole day laughing together and happily ate chocolate cake.

Learning from the story: This story teaches us that we should always listen to elders and never trust strangers. By not doing this, we may have to face many problems.

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