Story Of Lion And Jackal ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Lion And Jackal ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of Lion And Jackal ~ Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time there used to be a mighty lion in the forest named Sunderbans. The lion used to go to the river bank everyday to hunt. One day when the lion was returning from the river bank, he saw a jackal on the way. As soon as the lion approached the jackal, the jackal lay down at the feet of the lion.

The lion asked, oh brother! What are you doing. The jackal said, “You are very great, you are the king of the jungle, make me your servant. I will serve you with dedication and devotion. In return, I will eat whatever is left of your prey.

The lion obeyed the jackal and made him his servant. Now whenever the lion went hunting, the jackal also accompanied him. By spending time together like this, the two became very good friends. The jackal was getting stronger by eating the leftover meat of the lion’s prey.

One day the jackal said to the lion, “Now I too have become as strong as you, so today I will attack the elephant.” When he dies, I will eat elephant meat. Whatever meat is saved from me, you eat that. The lion thought that the jackal was playing such a joke in friendship, but the jackal was too proud of his power. The jackal sat on the tree and waited for the elephant. The lion had an idea of the elephant’s power, so he explained a lot to the jackal, but he did not agree.

Then an elephant started passing under that tree. The jackal jumped on the elephant to attack it, but the jackal could not jump at the right place and fell at the feet of the elephant. As soon as the elephant extended its leg, the jackal was crushed under its feet. In this way, the jackal made a big mistake by not listening to his friend lion and lost his life.

Lesson learned from the story: We should never be proud of anything and should not let our true friends down.


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