Story Of Lion And Cat ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Lion And Cat ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of Lion And Cat ~ Bedtime Stories


Years ago there lived a very clever cat named Neel in the forest. Everyone wanted to gain knowledge from him. All the animals of the forest used to call that cat as aunt. Some animals also used to go to study with that cat aunt.

One day a lion came to the cat aunt. He said, “I also want education from you. I want to learn everything from you by becoming your student, so that I don’t have any problem in life.

After thinking for a while the cat said, “Okay, you come to study from tomorrow.”

From the next day the lion cat started coming to aunt’s place everyday to study. In a month the lion became so wise that the cat said to him, “Now you have learned everything from me. You don’t have to come for studies from tomorrow. You can live your life easily with the help of the education you have received from me.

The lion asked, “Are you telling the truth? I’ve got everything now, haven’t I?”

The cat replied, “Yes, I have taught you everything I knew.”

The lion roared and said, “Come on then why not try this knowledge on you today. By this I will know how much knowledge I have got.

The cat aunt cowering in fear said, “Idiot, I am your teacher. I have taught you, you cannot attack me like this.

The lion did not listen to the cat and pounced on it. The cat started running fast to save its life. While running, she climbed the tree.

Seeing the cat climbing the tree, the lion said, “You didn’t teach me how to climb a tree. You have not given me complete knowledge.

After climbing the tree, the cat heaved a sigh of relief and replied, “I didn’t trust you from day one. I knew that you have come to learn from me, but you can become a disaster for my life. That’s why I didn’t teach you to climb the tree. If I had given you even this knowledge, you would have killed me today.

Angry cat further said, “You never come in front of me after today. Get out of my sight A disciple who cannot respect his teacher is of no worth.

The lion also got angry after listening to the cat aunt, but he could not do anything, because the cat was on the tree. Taking anger in his mind, the lion went from there roaring.

Learning from the story – The lesson learned from the story of the lion cat is that no one should be trusted blindly. You can keep yourself safe only by being cautious with everyone in life.

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