Story Of Lazy Brahmin ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Lazy Brahmin ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of Lazy Brahmin ~ Bedtime Stories

Once upon a time, there lived a Brahmin in a village. He would get up early in the morning, take bath, worship, eat food and then go to sleep. He didn’t lack anything. There was a big farm, a beautiful wife who cooked food and a good family of two children.

Even after everything, the family members of the Brahmin were very upset about one thing. The point was that the Brahmin was very lazy. He did not do any work himself and used to sleep all day long.

One day the Brahmin woke up hearing the noise of the children and saw that a monk Maharaj had come to his door. The Brahmin and his wife welcomed Sadhu Maharaj and fed him. After the meal, the Brahmin did a lot of service to the monk.

Sadhu Maharaj was very pleased with his service and asked him to ask for a boon. The Brahmin asked for a boon that he would not have to do any work and someone else should do his work in his place.

Then the sage gives him a genie as a boon and also says to keep the genie busy always. If he is not given work, he will eat you. The Brahmin was very happy after getting the boon and bid farewell to the monk with respect.

As soon as the monk left, a genie appeared there. At first the Brahmin gets scared seeing him, but as soon as he asks the Brahmin for work, then the Brahmin’s fear goes away and he gives him the first job of plowing the field.

The genie vanishes from there and the Brahmin’s happiness knows no bounds. After some time, the genie comes again and says that the field has been plowed, give another work. Brahmin thinks that how did he plow such a big field so quickly.

The Brahmin was thinking so much that the genie says tell me the work quickly, otherwise I will eat you.

Brahmin gets scared and says go and irrigate the fields. The genie then disappears from there and comes again in a short while. The genie comes and says that the fields have been irrigated, now tell the next task.

The Brahmin goes on telling all the tasks one by one and the genie completes them in a jiffy. The Brahmin’s wife was watching all this and started worrying about her husband’s laziness. The genie used to do all the work even before the evening. After doing all the work, the genie would come to the Brahmin and say tell me the next work, otherwise I will eat you.

Now there is no work left with the Brahmin, who can ask him to do it. He is starting to worry and gets very scared.

When the Brahmin’s wife sees her husband scared, she starts thinking about how to get her husband out of this crisis. She tells the brahmin that lord if you promise me that you will never be lazy and will do all your work yourself, then I can give work to this genie.

On this the Brahmin thinks that he does not know what use it will give. To save his life, the Brahmin makes a promise to his wife. After this the Brahmin’s wife tells the genie that we have a dog here. You go and straighten his tail completely. Remember his tail should be very straight.

The genie says that I will do this work now. Saying this he leaves from there. Even after a million attempts, he is unable to straighten the dog’s tail and gives up. Defeated, the genie leaves the Brahmin’s place. From that day onwards the Brahmin starts doing all the work except his laziness and his family starts living happily.

Learning from the story – We should never be lazy. Being lazy can get us into trouble. Therefore, we should leave laziness and do our work ourselves.


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