Story Of Elephant And Lion ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Elephant And Lion ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of Elephant And Lion ~ Bedtime Stories


Once a lion was sitting alone in a forest. He was thinking to himself that I have sharp sharp strong claws and teeth. Also I am a very powerful animal, but still why do all the animals in the forest always praise the peacock.

Actually, the lion felt very jealous that all the animals used to praise the peacock. All the animals of the forest used to say that whenever the peacock dances with its wings spread, it looks very beautiful. The lion was feeling very sad thinking all this. He was thinking that despite being so powerful and being the king of the jungle, no one appreciates him. So what is the meaning of his life.

That’s why an elephant was going from there. He was also very sad. When the lion saw that sad elephant, he asked him – “Your body is so big and you are strong too. Why are you still so sad? what is the matter with you?”

Seeing the sad elephant, the lion thought that why shouldn’t I share my sorrow with this elephant. He further asked the elephant – “Is there any animal in this forest that makes you jealous and harms you?”

After listening to the lion, the elephant said – “Even the smallest animal in the jungle can trouble a big animal like me.”

The lion asked – “Which little animal is that?”

The elephant said – “Maharaj, that animal is an ant. She is the smallest in this forest, but whenever she enters my ear, I go mad with pain.

After listening to the elephant, the lion understood that the peacock doesn’t even bother me like an ant, yet I am jealous of him. God has given different flaws and qualities to all the creatures. For this reason all beings cannot be equally strong or weak.

In this way, the lion came to understand that even a powerful animal like him can have shortcomings along with merits. This restored his lost confidence in the lion’s mind and he stopped being jealous of the peacock.

Moral of the story – We should never be jealous of someone’s qualities, because we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

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