Story Of Crow And Cuckoo ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Crow And Cuckoo ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of Crow And Cuckoo ~ Bedtime Stories


Years ago there was a forest near Chandnagar. There was a big banyan tree, on which both a crow and a cuckoo lived in their respective nests. One night a strong storm started blowing in that forest. In no time it started raining. In no time whatever was there in the forest was ruined.

The next day the crows and cuckoos could not find anything to satisfy their hunger. Then the cuckoo said to the crow, “We live in this forest with so much love, but now we have nothing to eat. So why not when I give an egg, you satisfy your hunger by eating it and when you give an egg, I will satisfy my hunger by eating it?

The crows agreed to the cuckoo’s words. Coincidentally, the crow first laid the egg and the cuckoo ate it and satisfied its hunger. Then the cuckoo laid the egg. As soon as the crow started eating the cuckoo’s egg, the cuckoo stopped it.

The cuckoo said, “Your beak is not clean. You come after washing it. Then eat the egg.

The crow ran to the bank of the river. He said to the river, “You give me water. I will wash my beak and eat the cuckoo’s egg.

The river said, “Okay! You bring a vessel for water.

Now the crow quickly reached the potter. He said to the potter, “Give me the pitcher. I will wash my beak by filling it with water and then eat the cuckoo’s egg.

The potter said, “You bring me clay, I will make a pot and give it to you.”

On hearing this, the crow started asking for soil from the mother earth. He said, “Mother, give me the soil.” I will make a utensil out of it and fill that utensil with water and clean my beak. Then to satisfy my hunger, I will eat a cuckoo’s egg.

Mother Earth said, “I will give you the soil, but you will have to bring the hoe. The soil will come out by digging it.

Running, the crow reached the blacksmith. He said to the blacksmith, “Give me the scabbard. I will take out clay from it and give it to the potter and take the vessel. Then I will fill the vessel with water and wash my beak with that water and eat the cuckoo’s egg.

The blacksmith gave the hot scabbard to the crow. As soon as the crow caught it, its beak got burnt and the crow died in agony.

In this way, the cuckoo cleverly saved its eggs from the crow.

Learning from the story – The story of crow and cuckoo teaches that one should not trust others blindly. Due to this, the loss is done by oneself.


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