Story Of Bedbug And Louse ~ Bedtime Stories

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Story Of Bedbug And Louse ~ Bedtime Stories


Story Of Bedbug And Louse ~ Bedtime Stories


This story is many years old. At that time a king used to rule in South India. A louse named Mandrisarpini used to live in the king’s bed, but the king had no knowledge about it. Every night when the king fell into a deep sleep, the louse would come out of its house, suck the king’s blood with great gusto and go and hide again.

One day, out of nowhere, a bed bug named Agnimukh also entered the king’s bed. When the louse saw it, he was very angry that a bedbug had entered his territory. The louse went to him and asked him to go back immediately. On this the bedbug said, “Oh louse sister, no one behaves like this even with his enemy. I have come from far away and just want to stay at your house for one night and rest. Please let me stay here.”

The louse’s heart melted after hearing the words of the bedbug. He said, “Okay, you can stay here, but the king should not be in trouble because of you. You will not even go near the king.

“Jun sister, I have come from far away and I am very hungry. Anyway, where does everyday get a chance to drink the sweet blood of the king. Please give me a chance to taste the king’s blood tonight,” Bedbug pleaded. The louse got into the words of Bedbug and he allowed him to suck the king’s blood. “Okay, you can eat the king’s blood, but before that you have to wait for the king to fall into a deep sleep. You cannot bite the king until he is completely asleep,” said the louse. Bedbug said yes to this and both started waiting for the night.

As soon as the night fell, the king came to his room and started preparing for sleep. The king’s body was very fit and his belly was very fat. Seeing this, water came in the mouth of the bedbug. As soon as the king came and lay down on the bed, the bedbug didn’t look at it and went straight and bit the king’s belly hard and then ran and hid under the bed. The king screamed in pain and immediately called his soldiers into the room.

The king ordered the soldiers, “Soldiers, there must be some bug or louse in this bed. Find him immediately and kill him.” When the king’s soldiers started searching on the bed, they found the louse hidden in the bed. He immediately killed the louse and the bedbug escaped.

Thus the poor louse was killed by the fault of the bedbug.

Learning from the story – Friends, we learn from this story that we should not blindly trust a stranger.


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