Story Of Alibaba Forty Thieves – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Story Of Alibaba Forty Thieves – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Story Of Alibaba Forty Thieves - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Years ago, two brothers named Alibaba and Qasim lived in the country of Persia. After the death of the father, both the brothers used to manage their father’s business together. Elder brother Qasim was very greedy. He threw Alibaba out of the house by fraudulently grabbing the entire business. After this, Alibaba went to some township and started living a life of poverty in a hut with his wife. He used to go to the forest every day to cut wood and sell it in the market, how he used to live at home.

One day, while cutting wood in the forest, Alibaba saw 40 horsemen coming there. All the horse riders had money bags and daggers. Seeing this, he understood that they were all thieves. Alibaba started watching him hiding behind a tree. Then all the horse riders went and stood near a mountain. That’s why the leader of the thieves stood in front of the hill and said, open up Sim-Sim. After this, the door of a cave opening in the mountain. All the horse riders went inside that cave. Going inside, he said stop Sim-Sim and the door of the cave was closed.

Alibaba was stunned to see this. After some time that door opened again and all those horse riders came out of it and left from there. Alibaba became desperate to know what was there in this cave and what were they all doing there. After this, he decided to go to the cave. He went in front of that mountain and started saying the words of the leader of thieves again and again – “Khul Ja Sim Sim, Khul Ja Sim Sim…”

The door of the cave opened. Alibaba went inside the cave and saw that gold coins, gold coins, ornaments, etc. were kept there. There was only treasure everywhere. His happiness knew no bounds after seeing all this. He had come to know that those thieves hide all the stolen goods here. From there, Alibaba filled a bundle of gold coins and came home.

After going home, Alibaba told his wife about this whole story. His wife was surprised to see so many Ashrafis together and sat down to count the Ashrafis. That’s why Alibaba said that there are so many Ashrifias that it would be a night to count them. I hide them by digging a pit so that no one suspects us. Alibaba’s wife said – I cannot count them, but I can weigh them for an estimate.

Ali Baba’s wife ran to Qasim’s house and asked his wife for scales to weigh the wheat. Seeing this, Qasim’s wife suspected him. He wondered how these poor people suddenly had so much grain with them. She went inside and put glue on the bottom of the scales and brought it and gave it to him.

At night, Alibaba’s wife weighed all the Ashrafis and returned their scales early in the morning. When Kasim’s wife turned the scales upside down, she found a gold pin stuck in them. She told her husband. Kasim and his wife were shocked to know this. Both could not sleep the whole night. As soon as morning Kasim went to Alibaba’s house and started asking him about the source of money. Hearing this, Alibaba said that you have got some misunderstanding. I am a simple woodcutter.

Qasim said that your wife had taken the scales from our house yesterday to weigh the Ashrafis. Look at this Asharfi got stuck on the scales. Tell everyone the truth, otherwise, I will tell everyone that you have stolen. Hearing this, Ali Baba truthfully told the whole story.

Greed came into Qasim’s mind. He made a plan to grab the treasure and reached the cave the next day. He also took a donkey with him, so that he could bring the treasure on it. Reaching in front of the cave, he did as Alibaba told him. As soon as he spoke Sim-Sim, the door of the cave opened. After reaching inside, he was shocked to see the treasure all around. He filled the sacks with gold coins and forgot what to say while coming out.

Qasim made all efforts to get out of the cave, but no way out. He gets imprisoned inside the cave. After some time when the gang of thieves reached there, they saw a rope tied outside. They understand that someone has come here. The thieves go inside and find Kasim and kill him.

Here, when Qasim does not reach home, his wife gets upset and asks him to go to Alibaba’s house to find her elder brother. When Alibaba reached the cave in search, he saw his brother’s donkey grazing there. He understands that Qasim went inside and the thieves have caught him. When Alibaba went inside the cave, he found Kasim’s dead body. Alibaba brings the body home and cremates it, declaring it a natural death without informing anyone. At the behest of Kasim’s wife, Alibaba and his wife start handling Kasim’s business and start living with him.

On the other hand, when the thieves come to the cave and do not see Kasim’s dead body, they understand that someone else also knows the secret of the treasure. He goes to the village to find out whose house has died in a few days. The thieves get to Alibaba’s house. The thief put a cross mark outside his house so that it would be easy for them to mistake it for his house at night.

At the same time, when Alibaba saw the cross mark outside his house, he understood that the thieves had found the house. He put the same mark outside everyone’s house. When the thieves came in the night, seeing such marks made on everyone’s house, they got confused and went back.

The leader of thieves was not one to sit quietly. He sent his man to that locality to find out who had become rich there recently. From this, he came to know about Alibaba. He recognized his house very well and reached his house in the night disguised as an oil trader. He took with him 40 casks of oil, of which 39 contained thieves and one cask contained oil. He thought that when everyone would go to sleep at night, they would all together kill Alibaba. He befriended Alibaba and sought permission to spend the night at his house. Alibaba fed him and allowed him to stay for the night.

Alibaba’s wife suspected the oil merchant. She knocked on all the casks and understood that one cask had oil and the rest had men. Then he came up with an idea. He took out oil from the oil cask and heated it and poured it into the rest of the casks. All the thieves died. At night, when Sardar signaled the thieves to leave, not a single thief came out. When he opened the casks, all the thieves were dead. Seeing this he was so scared that he immediately ran away from there to save his life.

In the morning, Alibaba’s wife told all this Alibaba, knowing that he was very happy. Now Alibaba was the sole owner of all the treasures of those forty thieves. He had become the richest man in the country and lived happily with his wife and children.

The moral of the story is – Greed is the enemy of man. Greed spoils everything. That’s why one should never be greedy.


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