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Stories For Kids


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Stories For Kids


Stories For Kids


Once upon a time, there was a famine in a country due to drought. Everyone’s crops dried up and got ruined. The people of that country started craving food and drink. In such a difficult time, poor crows and other animals and birds were also not getting bread or pieces of food. When the crows could not find anything to eat for many days, they started searching the forest in search of food.

On reaching the forest, a pair of crows stopped on a tree and made their nest there. There was a pond under the same tree. A crow living in the water lived in that pond. He used to stay in the water all day long and used to fill his stomach by catching lots of fish. When his stomach was full, he used to play in the water.

On the other hand, when the crow sitting on the branch of the tree saw the crow in the water, it too wanted to become like him. He thought that if he befriended the water crow, he too would get fish to eat for the whole day and his days would start to pass well.

He went to the bank of the pond and started talking sweetly to the water crow. He said – “Listen, friend, you are very healthy. You catch fish in the blink of an eye. Will you teach me this quality of yours too?

Hearing this, the crows in the water said – “Friend, what will you do after learning this, whenever you feel hungry, tell me. I will catch fish from the water and give it to you and you can eat it.

From that day onwards whenever the crow felt hungry, he would go to the water crow and eat lots of fish from it.

One day that crow thought that only fishes have to be caught in the water. He can do this work himself. After all, how long will he continue to take the favor of that water crow?

He made up his mind that he would go to the pond and catch fish for himself.

When he started going into the water of the pond, the crow with water again said to him – “Friend, don’t do this. You don’t know how to fish in the water, that’s why it can be risky for you to go into the water.

After listening to the water crow, the crow living on the tree proudly said – “You are saying this because of your pride. I can also go into the water like you and catch fish and today I will prove it by doing so.

Having said this, the crow jumped into the water of the pond with a splash. Now the moss was frozen in the water of the pond, in which he got stuck. That crow had no experience in removing moss or getting out of it. He tried to poke a hole in the moss with his beak. For this, as soon as he stuck his beak in the moss, his beak also got stuck in the moss.

Even after trying a lot, he could not get out of that moss and after some time he died due to suffocation in the water.

Later, while searching for the crow, the crow also came near the pond. There he asked the water crow about his crow. Telling the whole thing, the crow with water said – “In the process of copying me, that crow washed his life with his own hands.”

Moral of the story – Even pretending to be someone takes effort. Also, arrogance is very bad for a human being.


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