Squirrel Story ~ Bedtime Stories

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Squirrel Story ~ Bedtime Stories


Squirrel Story ~ Bedtime Stories


A sage named Sadh lived in a forest. He gained a lot of knowledge by doing penance. One day after meditating, when his eyes opened, a squirrel fell from the sky in his hand. The squirrel was covered in blood because it had escaped from the eagle’s claws and fell into the sage’s hands.

The squirrel was trembling with fear of death. Muni felt pity on him. He thought why not make her my daughter with my knowledge. My wife has been wanting to have a child since long. But, there is no child in his destiny. Now, instead of making him sad by telling this thing, I will make this squirrel my daughter and hand it over to him for a few years.

As soon as he thought this, the sage recited a mantra and made the squirrel a small girl. After making that squirrel a baby, he picked it up in his lap and brought it to his wife. He said, “Now take her up as your own daughter. Think, God has heard you.

Muni’s wife became happy to see the little girl. Now the girl who became a child from a squirrel started growing up with great pampering in Muni’s house. Muni’s wife named the baby girl Vedanta after a few days.

Both Muni and Muni’s wife brought up Vedanta with great love. Muni was very happy that his wife got a daughter to spoil her affection. After some time in his upbringing, Muni forgot that he is a squirrel.

Muni got Vedanta well educated. Vedanta turned 16 in no time. Now Muni’s wife started worrying about getting her beautiful daughter married. He said this to Muni. Looking at his daughter, Muni also felt that she should get married now. Muni told his wife that don’t worry, I will find a suitable groom for her.

Muni felt that my daughter is very beautiful and her education has also been good. So, he called out to the Sun God with his siddhi. Surya Dev asked the reason for calling Muni after saluting him. Then the sage said, “My daughter has become eligible for marriage. I want you to be her husband.

Surya Dev said, “You ask your daughter once. If he approves, then yes from my side too. Then Vedanta said, “Father, it is very hot. I will not be able to go near them nor see them. Muni said to Vedanta, no problem, we will see another groom.

Then the Sun God said, “O Munivar, Badal is better than me, you talk to him. They also cover my light.

Muni now remembered Badal. Thundering clouds reached the sage and greeted him. This time the sage directly asked Vedanta, “Do you like this groom?”

Vedanta replied, “Father, my complexion is fair and his is black. Our pairing will not look good.

Then Badal said to the sage, “You call Pawan Dev. They are superior to me. He has the power to fly me and take me from here to there.

Now Muni remembered Pawan Dev. As soon as Pawan Dev came, Muni asked his daughter, do you like this groom. Vedanta said, “Father, he does not stay at one place at all. How will I be able to settle down with them.

This time the sage asked Pawan Dev, “I am looking for a groom for my daughter. You tell me who is better than you?

Pawan Dev replied, “Munivar, you can summon the mountain. They block my way. He is better than me.

Immediately the sage called the mountain. Seeing the mountain, Vedanta said, “These are stones. His heart will also be of stone. How will father be able to marry her?

The sage folded his hands and asked the mountain god, “Who is superior to you?” Parvataraja replied, “O sage, the rat makes a hole in me. On this basis he is superior to me. As soon as he said this, the mouse jumped down from the ear of Parvatdev. As soon as Vedanta saw the mouse, she jumped for joy. He said, “Father, this should be my groom. I love it, its tail, ears, everything is so cute.”

The sage thought, “Oh! I turned a squirrel into a human being with the help of mantras, but its heart is still that of a squirrel. Muni immediately made Vedanta a squirrel and got him married to a mouse. After marriage, both started living happily.

Learning from the story – No matter how much a person changes from outside, but his heart remains the same.


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