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Slipper Making Business


Slipper Making Business


Slipper Making Business


Hello friends, you are warmly welcome to our website ili Main. In today’s post, I am going to share with you – Slipper Making Business.


How To Start a Slipper Making Business?


slippers making machine: Slippers are used by everyone in our country. Whether a poor man or a rich man, no one works without slippers. This is the reason why there is such a business of making slippers that can run easily in every season and everywhere. But even today people do not know much about this easy business. This is the reason why everyone wants to know about the price of slipper-making machines and the business of making slippers.

If you also want to know which is the sleeper slipper-making machine. So read this article of ours till the end.


What is a Slipper Making Machine?


Before we give you information about the price of slipper-making machine and the business of making slippers, let us tell you once what is a slipper-making machine. This is a machine that does the work of making our slippers. With the help of this machine, we can easily make any kind of small slippers. The special thing about this machine is that this machine is also available to run on electricity. Also, if you want, you can also buy a hand-operated machine. Next, we will give you detailed information about the machine of both.

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Where To Buy A Slipper Making Machine?


If you want to buy the slippers-making machine. So for this, you can also take the help of the online website. If you don’t want to order online. So it is better that you go to the market which is around you. There you will see all such machines kept in the shop. Which will be of all kinds. The shopkeepers will give you good information about them. After this, you can buy any machine according to your budget.

The special thing is that some machines have come in a modern way in today’s time. In which many types of facilities are provided. Their cost goes up to one lakh rupees. Apart from this machine, you will also need to buy a drill machine, strap machine, grinder, and die machine. You will get the price of these small machines between 8 to 10 thousand.


Where To Put The Machine?


If you buy these machines then the question arises of where to install them. For this, you need to put it where you have open space. Just keep in mind that there is no problem with coming and going to electricity and people working with you.

Do not be in doubt that you will have to install your machine in a big market only. If you want, you can also plant it in your home. Because these machines do not make a lot of noise. Also, these places also occupy a little.


How To Make Slippers


  • First of all, you have a large size raw material like a rubber board. which is called sol. Slipper Making Machine The size of slippers you want from it. Cuts rubber of the same size. The size you have to set in the machine first. Also, if you have an expensive machine, then at the same time it will also make a hole at the place where you put the feet.
  • After making slippers, you have to print your slippers. So that the color and design of the slippers are set.
  • After printing, you have to keep the slipper in the sun for some time. so that it dries completely.
  • Now you have to equalize with the grinding machine all around the slipper. So that it does not remain rough anywhere.
  • After this, you have to put the lace inside the slippers with the help of a hand machine. Which you can buy from the market.
  • After this, you have to look closely at each slipper. If there is no deficiency in it. So you have to pack it. Anyway, you will do the packing, it is up to you.
  • Finally, after packing you have to send it to the market. So that your slippers can be sold. In the end, we will tell you some ways related to increasing sales.


Slippers Business License


If you want to keep your business only on a small scale. So for this, you have to first get registered under the MSME of the Government of India. But if you want to promote yourself as a brand, then for this you have to get it done under ISI. For big business, you also have all kinds of terms and conditions. which you have to complete.

But we would suggest that you never start work without registering yourself. Because after registering you can easily get loans and government help. Which will prove to be helpful in taking your work further.


Cost To Start A Slippers Business?


If you have just thought that you will start your work only on small scale. Also, you have your own land for this. So your total cost may go up to Rs.2 lakhs. In which all the necessary machines for your work will come easily. With which you can start your work.

But if you want to start it on a large scale. So you will definitely have to spend at least ten lakh rupees. Above this depends on your desire, and how big work you want to start.


What Will Be The Profit?


If we talk about profit then it depends on how much work you do in a day. Also, how much are your slippers sold in the market? But if you look at the estimate, if you work on a small scale from a small machine. So the cost of making one slipper will cost you around 30 to 40 rupees. Whereas this slipper will be sold in your market for Rs 100 to 120. While many slippers are sold more expensive than this.

In this way, even if you make 200 slippers in a day. So from this, you will earn good money in a month. Which will keep on increasing. Also, if you want, you can increase your machines further later.


How To Do Marketing?


For this, first of all, contact the shopkeepers near you. Tell them that you do the work of making slippers. Also, what slippers will you give them for how much money? After that as soon as they are ready. You get your slippers delivered to their shop. Similarly, you should deliver slippers to all the markets around your district.

Plus if you can spend the money. So get advertisements and poster banners installed in the newspapers of your city. Apart from this, you can also open your own shop in the market to earn more.


Some Things To Keep In Mind


  • When you start work, do not think directly about the profit. Speed ​​up your work first. For this, you can also give more commission or some slippers to those shopkeepers for free. Which will work to sell your slippers.
  • Never compromise on the quality of the slippers in the pursuit of earning more profit. It can tarnish your image. Because business is never done for a day.
  • Try more than the advantages and disadvantages that you should have a good relationship with the shopkeepers of the market. So that they show your slippers to the customers first.
  • Try to make sure that each of your slippers is designed and in good packing. So that the customer gets attracted to seeing it. This will also give you a good price.
  • Never make slippers for just one class. Children, old people, women and you try to make all kinds of slippers expensive and cheap. With this, every segment of the customer will be able to connect with you.
  • Keep taking feedback from the shopkeepers regularly. This will help you a lot in improving your work.
  • If you do not see any benefit for some time. So never be disappointed. That is what succeeds in business. One who has the ability to take risks.


Final Word

Hope you have understood what is the cost of slipper making machine and the business information of slipper-making. After knowing this, you can easily start your own slipper-making business at your home or outside. Also, you can earn lakhs of rupees every month from this. If you liked this article of ours, then you must share it with your friends also. Also, do share your opinion in the comment box.


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