Sixth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Sixth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Sixth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


After many attempts, King Vikramaditya once again caught Betal. When he started taking him to Yogi, Betal started a new story. Betal while narrating the new story said….

Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Gandharvasen in the city named Dharampur. Gandharvasen’s stature was very attractive. This was the reason that many girls wanted to marry him, but Gandharvasen did not like even one of them. When the Brahmin’s son Gandharvasen used to come out of the city riding on his horse, all the girls used to keep looking at him. Gandharvasen did not look at anyone and used to cross the city at a fast pace and go towards a temple everyday. This temple was the temple of Kali Devi. Gandharvasen was a great devotee of Kali Maa. He used to worship Maa Kali every day.

One day when he was returning from the temple, he saw a washerwoman washing clothes on the bank of the river. Gandharvasen found that girl very beautiful. Gandharvasen fell in love with that girl and started thinking about her day and night. He can’t think of a way to talk to the girl. One day, while worshiping in the temple of Kali Maa, he took a vow that if that girl becomes his, he will offer his head at the feet of Kali Maa. Gandharvasen had forgotten to eat and drink, he kept thinking about the same girl day and night. The result of this was that Gandharvasen became ill.

Hearing the news of Gandharvasen’s illness, his best friend Devadatta came to meet him. Seeing his best friend lying on the bed, Devadatta asked the reason for his sadness. Gandharvasen narrated his condition to Devdutt and said that if I do not marry that girl, I will die. Devdutt loved his friend very much, so he decided to find the girl. Devdutt succeeded in finding that girl. Devdutt asked the girl’s father to marry his daughter to Gandharvasen. The girl’s father took stock of the whole situation and got his daughter married to Gandharvasen.

Five days passed after the marriage and Gandharvasen had forgotten the vow he had taken at the Kali temple. One day Gandharvasen sees his shadow in a dream. His shadow reminds him of that promise and says that if you don’t fulfill this promise, you will be called selfish. The next day Gandharvasen realizes his mistake and gets ready to sacrifice himself in the Kali temple. He calls his friend Devdutt and tells him that I, you and your sister-in-law are going to the temple. I will worship inside the temple and you take care of your sister-in-law outside.

Devadatta agrees to leave for the temple. Both the friends reach the temple with the girl. Gandharvasen goes inside the temple to fulfill his vow. Devadatta and Gandharvasen’s wife wait for him outside. When Gandharvasen does not come out for a long time, Devadatta goes inside the temple. Devdutt goes inside and sees that Gandharvasen has cut off his head with his sword and offered it to Kali Maa. Devdutt gets scared seeing this. Devdutt thinks that no one will believe that Gandharvasen has killed himself. Everyone will think that Devdutt has killed his friend so that he can marry his wife.

To avoid this charge, Devdutt also cut off his head with the sword of Gandharvasen.
After some time Gandharvasen’s wife came to the temple to find her husband and his friend Devadatta. She got scared seeing the dead bodies of both the friends there. He thought that people would accuse me of killing both of them, it is better that I also die than this stigma. As soon as the girl raised her sword to cut off her head, Maa Kali appeared there.

Mother Kali said, “Daughter, I am pleased with you, tell me what boon you are asking for.” The girl said, “You bring these two back to life.” Kali Maa said, “If you keep the heads of these two on their trunks, they will come alive.” The girl did the same, but made a mistake in keeping her head. He put Gandharvasen’s head on Devadatta and Devadatta’s head on Gandharvasena’s trunk. Both the friends came alive and started fighting for that girl.

After telling such a story, Betal said to Vikramaditya, “Rajan, now you tell who is the husband of that girl.” Vikramaditya knew the answer. If he remained silent, Betal would have severed his head, so Vikramaditya said, “A person is identified by his face, so Devadatta will be the husband of that girl, because Gandharvasen’s brain part is attached to his torso.” Betal said, “This time also you have given the correct answer, so I will have to fly again.” Having said this, Betal again flew towards the dense forest. King Vikramaditya again followed Betal to find him.

Learning from the story: Whatever a person does, he does it with his brain, that’s why it is identified with the brain only.

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