Sixteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Sixteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Sixteenth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Years ago, a boy named Dagdu was doing business in a village named Chandanpur. He was very lazy and lazy. Dagdu’s laziness and habit of sleeping day and night used to trouble his old mother. Somehow he went back to his family after working as a tailor, but this does not affect Dagdu. He just used to sleep day and night and dream, but the most unique thing was that whenever he saw some untoward or bad incident, that dream came true after a few hours.

One day Dagdu was sleeping as usual, suddenly he had a dream that dacoits had come to a girl’s wedding and looted all the things. As soon as the morning broke, that lazy boy saw the girl seen in his dream in his house. That girl had come near to register her wedding dress. On seeing the girl, Dagdu immediately tells her about his dream. The girl goes upset and tells the new thing to the house. Everyone listens to the dream, but does not believe it, and after a few hours, the robbers go away after looting the wedding house and the baraatis. Enraged by this incident, people thrash Dagdu and accuse him of being with the robbers.

After this Dagdu has another dream after a few days. This time Dagdu dreams of a fire in his own neighborhood Chaudhary’s new house. When the lazy boy comes out of the house in the afternoon, he sees people with sweets and people invited to the housewarming ceremony in Chaudharyn Mohalla, in the joy of the new house. The woman sees him from Dagdu’s side and tells him everything about her dream. The lady Dagdu leaves in anger, but makes all arrangements to save the house from fire before the ceremony, but still Dagdu’s dream comes true and Chaudharyn’s house burns down to ashes.

This goes on for years. Every time Dagudu arrives to warn people after having a nightmare, but in the end he becomes a victim of people’s memories. Fed up with this, Dagdu decides to return to the village. He moves away from the village to another state. Here Dagdu finds a job to feed himself. Luckily, he gets a job as a watchman at a king’s place.

A few days after Dagdu gets the job, Raja visits Sonpur village. The night before going to Sonpur, Dagdu dreams that there was a terrible earthquake in Sonpur village and no one was left alive there. As the king’s ride leaves for Sonepur, Dagdu rushes to the king and tells him about his dream and stops him from going to Sonepur. The next day news reaches the king that no one survived after an earthquake in that village, the whole village was reduced to a crematorium.

As soon as we get the news, we invite the watchman to our court. To save him from the Sonpur earthquake, he gets Dagdu fired from his job by giving him precious jewellery. Betal becomes silent after telling such a story. After some time he asks King Vikram – says, ‘Why was Dagdu fired from the job after giving him the gift?’ King Vikramaditya answers the question number itself that he was given the jewelry to save the king’s life and was fired for sleeping while on guard duty.
As soon as he gets the answer to his question, Betal flies away and goes to a dense forest and goes to a tree and Vikramatdiya returns in search of him.

Learning from the story: There are two lessons to be learned from this story. First, should not be towards work. Otherwise there may be serious consequences. Second, even if you are getting bad or reprimanded for doing bad to someone, you should leave the way to leave, because sometime or the other you get the result of good deeds.

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