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Short Stories For Kids


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Short Stories For Kids


Short Stories For Kids


A dreaded dacoit used to rule in the jungles of Magadh country. All the people the dacoit used to kill, he would cut off each and every finger and wear it around his neck like a garland. For this reason, everyone knew the dacoit by the name of Angulimala.

Angulimala was the terror of all the villages around the country of Magadha. One day Mahatma Buddha reached a village near the same forest. Seeing him as a monk everyone welcomed him well. As soon as he stayed in that village for some time, Mahatma Buddha felt a bit strange. Then he asked the people, ‘Why are you all looking so scared and confused?’

One by one everyone told about the murders and finger chopping by Angulimal dacoit. Everyone sadly said that whoever goes towards that forest, that dacoit kills him by catching him. Till now he has killed 99 people and after cutting off their fingers, he roams around wearing them like a garland. Because of the terror of Angulimala, everyone is now afraid to pass by that forest.

After listening to all these things, Lord Buddha decided to go to the same forest. As soon as Lord Buddha started going towards the forest, people said that it could be dangerous to go there. That dacoit does not spare anyone. You somehow get rid of that dacoit without going to the forest.

Lord Buddha kept moving towards the forest even after listening to all the things. Lord Buddha reached the forest in no time. Angulimala was surprised to see a lonely person in the disguise of a Mahatma in the forest. He thought that people think many times before coming to this forest. Even if they do come, they do not come alone and are scared. This Mahatma is roaming alone in the jungle without any fear. Angulimal thought that after finishing this too, I will cut off his finger.

Then Angulimala said, ‘Hey! Where is it going moving forward? Stop now.’ Lord Buddha ignored his words. Then the dacoit said in anger, ‘I told you to stop.’ Then Bhagwan turned to him and saw that a tall, wide-eyed man with a garland of fingers around his neck was staring at him.

After looking at him, Buddha started walking again. Furious with anger, Angulimal the dacoit started running after them with his sword. No matter how much the robber ran, he could not catch them. He got tired of running. He said again, ‘Stop, otherwise, I will kill you and by cutting your finger I will fulfill my vow of killing 100 people.’

Lord Buddha said that you consider yourself very powerful, so pluck some leaves and twigs from the tree and bring them. Seeing his courage, Angulimal thought that he will do as he is saying. He plucked leaves and twigs and brought them in a while and said, I have brought them.

Then Buddha ji said, ‘Now attach them to the tree again.’
Hearing this, Angulimal said, ‘What kind of Mahatma you are, don’t you know that you cannot join a broken thing again.’

Lord Buddha said this is what I want to explain to you when you do not have the power to connect something, then you do not have the right to break anything. If there is no ability to give life to someone, then there is no right to kill either.

Hearing all this, Angulimala dropped his weapon. God further said, ‘ You were telling me to stop, stop, stop, I am stable since long. It is you who is not stable.

Angulimala said, ‘I am standing in one place, so how did you become unstable, and have you been moving since then.’ Lord Buddha said, ‘I am stable by forgiving people and you are the reason for running after everyone killing them. Unstable since.’

Hearing all this, the eyes of Angulimal the dacoit opened and he said, ‘From today onwards I will not commit any unrighteous act.’

Crying, Angulimala the robber fell at the feet of Lord Buddha. On the same day, Angulimala left the path of evil and became a great monk.

Learning from the story – On getting the right guidance, a person leaves the path of evil and chooses well.


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