Short Moral Story

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Short Moral Story


Short Moral Story


Story Of Golden Dung


Once upon a time, a bird named Sindhuk lived on a big tree in a city. The most shocking thing was that the feces of that bird used to turn into gold. No one knew about this. Once a hunter was passing under that tree. The hunter stopped to rest under that tree. He was resting when the Sindhuk bird defecated in front of him. As soon as the bird’s excrement fell on the ground, it turned into gold. The hunter was very happy to see this and he set a trap to catch the bird.

Sindhuk got caught in the net and the hunter brought him to his home. Seeing Sindhuk locked in the cage, the hunter started worrying that if the king came to know about this, he would not only ask to present Sindhuk in the court but also punish him. Thinking of this, out of fear the hunter himself presented Sindhuk in the royal court and told the whole thing to the king.

The king ordered that Sindhuk be kept carefully and fed well. After hearing all this, the minister said to the king, “Don’t trust the words of this stupid hunter. Does it sometimes happen that a bird excretes gold excreta? Therefore, it would be better to order him to be set free.”

After listening to the minister, the king ordered to free the bird. Sindhuk went to the king’s door flying after leaving the gold stool. Seeing this, the king ordered the ministers to catch it, but by then the bird had flown away. While flying, Sindhuk said, “I was a fool who defecated in front of the hunter, the hunter was a fool, who took me to the king, the king was a fool, who came to the minister. All idiots are in one place.

Learning from the story – Never get involved in others’ words and work with your mind.


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