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Short Moral Story in English


Short Moral Story in English



The Story Of Two Swans


It is a long time ago that there was a famous lake named Manas in the Himalayas. There lived a herd of swans along with many animals and birds. Two of the swans were very attractive and both looked alike, but one was a king and the other a general. The king’s name was Dhritarashtra and the commander’s name was Sumukha. The view of the lake looked like a paradise amidst the clouds.

At that time the fame of the lake and the swans living in it had spread across the country and abroad with tourists visiting there. Many poets praised the place in their poems, which impressed the king of Varanasi to see that sight. The king got exactly the same lake constructed in his kingdom and planted many types of beautiful and attractive flowering plants as well as delicious fruit trees there. Also ordered the care and protection of animals and birds of different species.

This lake of Varanasi was also beautiful like heaven, but the king still had the desire to see those two swans who lived in Manas Sarovar.

One day other swans of Manas Sarovar expressed their desire to go to the lake of Varanasi in front of the king, but the king of swans was sensible. He knew that if he went there, Raj would catch him. He forbade all the swans to go to Varanasi, but they did not agree. Then all the swans along with the king and the commander flew towards Varanasi.

As soon as the herd of swans reached that lake, leaving the rest of the swans, the glory of the famous two swans was made on sight. His beak shone like gold, his legs looked like gold, and his wings whiter than the clouds were attracting everyone towards him.

The news of the arrival of swans was given to the king. He thought of a trick to catch the swans and one night when everyone was asleep, a trap was laid to catch the swans. The next day when the king of the swans woke up and went on a tour, he got caught in the net. He immediately ordered all the other swans in a loud voice to fly away and save their lives.

All the other swans fled, but their commander Sumukha, seeing his master trapped, stayed there to save him. Meanwhile, the soldier came there to catch the swan. He saw that the king of the swans was trapped in the net and the other was standing there to save the king. The soldier was very impressed by the swan’s devotion to his lord and left the king of swans.

The king of swans was wise as well as visionary. He thought that if the king comes to know that the soldier has left him, then the king will definitely give him a death sentence. Then he told the soldier you take us to your king. Hearing this, the soldier took him with him to the royal court. Both the swans were sitting on the shoulders of the soldier.

Seeing the swans sitting on the shoulder of the soldier, everyone got thinking. When the king asked the secret of this, the soldier told the whole thing truthfully. After listening to the soldier, the king as well as the whole court was surprised at his courage and devotion to the lord of the commander, and everyone’s heart was filled with love for him.

The king forgave the soldier and respectfully requested both the swans to stay for a few more days. Hans accepted the king’s request and stayed there for a few days and went back to Manas lake.

Learning from the story – Under no circumstances should we leave the company of our loved ones.

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