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Short Kids Stories


Short Kids Stories


Story Of The Unicorn – There was a country named Samsanu. The people there were good at hunting. No animal could escape from his hands. Once the unicorn escaped from the hands of Samsanu’s men who were out hunting. The unicorn animal was much more nimble than the others. That’s why, even after lakhs of attempts, the people of Samsanu could not get it. Since then the people there were looking for a unicorn.

The chieftain of Samsanu country wanted to hunt the unicorn at any cost. Every time he weaves a trap to catch him, but fails. Months passed by like this. Then one day a white colored unicorn was seen flying in the sky the people of Samsanu country. As soon as the unicorn came to the ground, people started chasing it.

This news reached Sardar in no time. He also quickly left his palace to catch the unicorn. The unicorn was drinking water from a nearby river. When people came to know, they also reached the river.

The Sardar of Samsanu country also reached there and asked everyone to stand at a distance. He explained to everyone in a soft voice that today he should not be allowed to escape. Therefore, it has to be attacked only after seeing the opportunity. Just watch it silently.

The unicorn also drank enough water and then ate grass. When his stomach was full after eating green grass, he lay down there. Sardar thought that this is the time to catch the unicorn. He ordered the people to catch the unicorn.

Everyone brought a long rope and put it around the unicorn’s neck. Then by tying a rope in the front and back legs, they started pulling it. Then the unicorn woke up. Seeing the rope around his neck and legs, the unicorn started screaming. After all, who would come to the unicorn’s aid? Everyone caught him and locked him in a cage.

The chieftain was very happy to have caught the unicorn. He celebrated in the evening. Everyone started dancing in happiness. In the midst of the celebration, a caged unicorn was also brought in.

Only then it came to know that there was a fire in some nearby area. In no time, the fire got huge. People started running screaming to save their lives. People were trying to extinguish the fire, but the fire was increasing.

Even the unicorn in the cage got scared seeing the fire. He shouted again loudly. This time a boy Sam came to his aid. He said to the unicorn, “Don’t worry, I will open your cage.” After applying a lot of strength, Sam managed to open the cage for the fifth time.

As the cage opened, the unicorn flew into the sky with Sam on its back. When Sam looked from above, the fire looked terrible. He asked the unicorn, “Can’t you help us? Look how much the fire is spreading, people will die.”

After listening to Sam, the unicorn descended from the sky towards the earth. As soon as he got down, he blew cold air from his mouth and extinguished the fire. The fire in the whole area was extinguished and the people became happy. As soon as the fire was extinguished, the unicorn flew again with Sam and flew away to another forest.

Both spent some time together and both became good friends. Then the unicorn went some distance. Sam thought that now the unicorn was about to fly back into the sky. He asked the unicorn, “Will you ever come back?”

Sam could not find an answer to this question. The unicorn stopped for a while and flew into the sky. Sam also returned home with a sad heart. People asked him about the unicorn and riding the unicorn. Sam praised the unicorn. But, in his heart, Sam was sad.

Sam went to the same forest every day hoping to meet the unicorn, but the unicorn never came back.

Learning From The Story – It is learned from the story of the unicorn that when you help others, they also extend a helping hand to you and your loved ones.


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