Best 2023 Short Bedtime Stories For Kids

Short Bedtime Stories For Kids


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Short Bedtime Stories For Kids


Short Bedtime Stories For Kids


It was a long time ago that an elephant lived in the stable of King Chandrasen. Her name was Mahila Mukha. The female elephant was very understanding, obedient, and kind. All the residents of that state were very pleased with the female face. The king was also very proud of the female face.

After some time the thieves made their hut outside the stable of the female head. Thieves used to loot and fight throughout the day and boast of their bravery by coming to their base at night. Thieves would often plan for the next day as to whom and how to rob. After listening to their words, it seemed that all those thieves were very dangerous. The female-faced elephant used to listen to those thieves.

After a few days, the words of the thieves started affecting the woman’s face. The female face began to feel that torturing others is real bravery. So, Mahila Mukh decided that now he too would commit atrocities like thieves. First of all, the female head attacked her mahout and killed the mahout by knocking him down.

Everyone got upset seeing such an act of such a good elephant. The female face was not coming under anyone’s control. Even the king was getting worried seeing this form of female face. Then the king called a new mahout for the female face. That mahout was also killed by the female mouth. In this way, the spoiled elephant crushed four mahouts.

No one could understand what was the reason behind this behavior of the female face. When the king could not find a way out, he appointed a wise doctor to treat the woman’s face. The king urged Vaidya ji to treat the female mouth as soon as possible so that it could not become the cause of destruction in the state.

Vaidya ji took the king’s words seriously and started strict monitoring of Mahilamukh. Soon Vaidya ji came to know that this change in the woman’s face has happened because of the thieves. Vaidya ji told the king the reason for the change in the behavior of the female face and said that frequent satsangs should be organized at the base of thieves so that the behavior of the female face can be the same as before. The king did the same. Now daily Satsang started being organized outside the stable. Gradually, Mahilamukh’s mental condition started improving.

Within a few days, the female elephant became as generous and kind as before. King Chandrasen was very happy when his favorite elephant got cured. Chandrasen praised Vaidya ji in his meeting and also gave him many gifts.

Lesson learned from the story: The effect of association is very quick and deep. Therefore, one should always be in the company of good people and behave well with everyone.


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