Short Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend 2023

Short Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


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Short Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


Short Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


Short Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend: Friends, my name is Aman, I am from a middle-class family. I also had some dreams to fulfill which I came to the city from my village but after coming to the city I fell in love with a girl named Payal.

Payal’s house was right next to the place where I had taken my room. Payal used to leave home for her college every morning at 9:30 am and I used to watch her from my room window.

Now leaving my dream I started following Payal. My heart was very relieved to see Payal as if a lost precious thing had been found back. Now I wanted to tell my heart to Payal but I could not understand how to tell her my heart.

After much thought, an idea came to my mind. When Payal used to come out of the house to go to college, at the same time I would come to the street and start cleaning my bike and secretly look at her. She would take a look at me and then go straight.

This series went on for a few days but I never got the courage to talk to him. Taking a little courage I asked him “Listen, can you tell me what is the time now?”.

She replied “It is 9:35 AM now” and after saying this she looked at me after going a little distance. That day I was very happy, my happiness knew no bounds.

One day I woke up early in the morning and got ready that I would talk to Payal today. As soon as Payal came out of the house, I also immediately took out my bike and followed Payal. Payal stood on the side of the road and started waiting for the auto.

I went to him and said, “Hello, my name is Aman, I also live in this colony, if you don’t mind, I can ask you something.”

Payal:- Yes ask what to ask.

Aman:- Which college are you from?

Payal:- From St. Xavier’s College

Aman:- If you don’t mind then let me tell you.

Payal:- What?

Aman:- You are very cute.

Payal:- Ok sir.

Then she went away smilingly sitting in the auto. I was also very happy after talking to Payal today. I decided that tomorrow I will tell my heart to Payal.

In the morning, I got up early, got ready, and started practicing a little how to tell my heart to Payal. Payal left her home for college. I also started following him. She started waiting for the auto to come to the roadside. I took a deep breath and went to him. I said good morning to him first. In return, he also said “Good morning” to me. I told Payal that I have something important to say to you.

Payal:- Yes, tell me what to talk about.

Aman:- Payal, I like you very much, to tell the truth, I have fallen in love with you.

Payal:- What are you saying, nothing has happened to you, this is just an attraction, now you go from here.

Disappointed, I went back to my room and did not go to work. I stayed away from Payal’s sight for a few days. I would just watch her going to college from my window.

It was the first day of the year, everyone was celebrating the new year. I too was sitting outside my room when Payal came in front of me and said “Happy new year”. I also called him “same to you”. She asked me

Payal:- Where did you say for so many days that you were not seen?

Aman:- Was just a little busy with my work.

Payal:- do you really love me

Aman:- Yes, I love you and will continue to love you but you will feel all this attraction.

Payal:- Come on leave it do this you give me your number I will talk to you later.

Aman:- So what should I understand by this, you also like me, don’t you?

Payal:- I liked you so I took your number, now you understand yourself. ok, then I go now bye.

What was it then, the path of love for both of us became one. Even today we love each other very much and after a few months, we both are going to get married.


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