Seventh Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Seventh Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Seventh Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults



It was a long time ago when Tamralipi, a city situated on the seashore, was ruled by King Chandrasen. Thousands of people were eager to meet the king. One of them was the young man Satvsheel. Satvsheel was looking for work, so he would reach King Chandrasen’s palace every day to meet him. Alas, the courtiers used to drive him away every time. A lot of time passed while this happened, but the boy did not lose his courage. Along with the Raj Mahal, he would have reached every place where the king’s ride used to go.

One day the king was returning to the palace with his soldiers after visiting. Due to the hot sun, the king felt very thirsty. The soldiers start looking for water here and there, but no one is successful. Only then the king sees Satvasheel standing on his way. Seeing the young man, the king asks – do you have water?

Satvashila immediately gives water to the king and also feeds him with sweet fruits. The king is very pleased with him and says – ‘I want to present you something, tell me what do you want?’

On asking the question of Bhupati Chandrasen, Satvsheel immediately says that Sir, I am looking for work for a long time, if you give me some work, you will be very kind. On hearing this, the king immediately gives him a job in his court and says that he will remember the gratitude of the water given to him for the rest of his life.

Time passed and because of his talent the young man became very close to the king. One day Bhupati Chandrasen says to Satvsheel – ‘Unemployment has increased a lot in our city Tamralipi, we should do something for this’. On hearing this, the young man says – ‘You order, Maharaj.’

The king says – ‘ We have an island, which is very green. If some research is done there, then some work opportunities can be found. On hearing this, Satvsheel left for the island saying, Ji Maharaj.

As soon as he reaches the island by sea, Satvashila sees a flag floating in the water. On seeing the flag, he gathers courage and jumps into the water. As soon as he jumps into the water, the young man reaches the princess of Satvasheel Island, where she is singing a song with her friends and maids. The young man introduces himself to the princess. After talking for some time, the princess invites Satvsheel for a meal and before having the meal, urges him to take a bath in a nearby pond. As soon as Satvashila descends to bathe in the pond, he reaches the assembly of Tamralipi Mahal.

King Chandrasen was astonished to see Satvsheel in the assembly. He asks him – ‘Hey, how are you here?’ Satvashila tells the king about the whole incident. After knowing all the things, the king also decides to go to that island. After reaching there, Bhupati Chandrasen conquers that island. As soon as this happens, the princess declares King Chandrasen as the king of that island. In the joy of conquering the island, the king marries the former princess there and Satvasheel. In this way, King Chandrasen repays the favor of the water of Satvasheel.

After telling such a story, Betal becomes silent and asks Vikram that who was the strongest of the two, King Chandrasen and Satvsheel? On hearing the question, Vikram says – Satvsheel was more powerful. Betal asks – how?
Then Vikram tells that Satvsheel jumps into the water without thinking anything after seeing the flag near the island. He could have been in any kind of danger by jumping there, while the king knew that there was no danger in the water. On getting the answer to the question, Betal flies off from King Vikram’s shoulder and goes back to the dense forest and sits on a tree.

Learning from the story: Never lose courage and keep doing your work.

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