Seventeenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Seventeenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Seventeenth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


This time too, King Vikramaditya brought down the betel hanging from a big tree and started moving forward with it. To save himself, Betal again narrated a story to the king. Betal says…

Once upon a time, there was a city named Kanakpur, whose king’s name was Yashodhan. That king used to take great care of his subjects. There was also a Seth in the same city, whose daughter’s name was Unmadini. She was very beautiful and virtuous, whoever saw her used to keep looking at her.

When Seth’s daughter grew up, Seth decided to get her married. Seth first went to the king with his daughter’s marriage proposal. Seth went to the king and said, “Your Majesty, I am thinking about my daughter’s marriage. She is very beautiful, talented and scholar. You are the king here, the most courageous, virtuous and scholar, no one can be better than you for my daughter. In such a situation, first of all I wanted to request you, you adopt my daughter as a wife and if you do not agree, then you reject.

After listening to Seth’s story, the king sent Brahmins to see his daughter and to test her symptoms. After listening to the king, the brahmins went there to see Unmadini. Brahmins were very happy to see Umadini, but the very next moment they were also worried that if the king married such a beautiful girl, he would keep looking at her all day and would not be able to pay attention to the subjects. So, the brahmins decided not to tell the king anything about Unmadini’s form and qualities.

All the brahmins reached the king and said, “King, that girl is not good, so don’t marry her.” After listening to the brahmins, the king felt that they were telling the truth. The king refuses to marry Unmadini. Then Seth got his daughter married to King’s commander Baldhar with the king’s permission. Unmadini started living happily after the marriage, but sometimes it came to her mind that the king had refused to marry her considering her to be a bad woman.

Once in the spring season, the king went out to see the spring fair. Unmadini also got the news of the king’s visit, she wanted to see who was the king who did not marry her. Thinking of this, Unmadini stood on the roof of her house to see the king. The king was going from there with his entire army that his eyes fell on Umadini standing on the roof. Seeing her, the king was completely attracted.

He asked his servant, “Who is this beautiful girl?” Then the servant told the whole story to the king, “She is the same girl with whom you refused to marry on the advice of Brahmins. Later she was married to Senapati Baldhar. The king got angry after hearing the whole thing and he punished the Brahmins to leave the city.

After that the king started feeling sad thinking about this again and again. He was also feeling ashamed again and again that he was thinking about a girl who is already married. By the gesture of the king, the people around started understanding his mind. The king’s ministers and loved ones said to the king, “King, what is there to be sad about, the commander works only for you, so talk to him and adopt his wife.” But the king did not listen to the ministers.

King’s general Baldhar, to whom Unmadini was married, was a devotee of the king. When he came to know about the king, he reached to the king and said, “King, I am your slave and she is the wife of your maid.” I myself present it to you. Either you adopt him or I leave him in the temple. If she becomes a woman of Devkul, you can adopt her. The king got very angry after listening to the commander.

The king said, “Being a king, I will do such a bad thing, never. Being my devotee, you are asking me to do such a thing. I will never forgive you if you don’t accept your wife.” The king died thinking about Umadini in his mind. The commander was deeply saddened by the death of the king and could not bear it.

He told everything to his teacher. His master said, “It is the duty of a commander to lay down his life for the king.” Hearing this, the commander gave his life by jumping into the funeral pyre made for the king. When the commander’s wife Unmadini came to know about this, she too gave up her life for her husband.

After telling this, Betal asked King Vikramaditya a question, “Tell me who was the most courageous among the king, the king and the general?”

Vikramaditya said, “The king was most courageous, because he followed Rajdharma. He did not adopt Umadini even on the command of the commander and thought it right to die himself. The commander was a good servant, he gave his life for his king, there was nothing shocking in it. The one with real courage was the king, who did not ignore his religion and work.

Betal was happy to hear Vikramaditya’s answer and hanged on the tree like every time.

Learning from the story: A person with real courage is the one who thinks about his family before himself and takes care of his near and dear ones.

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