Second Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Second Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Second Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Years ago, there used to be a town named Dharmasthala on the banks of the Yamuna. There lived a Brahmin, whose name was Ganapati. He had a beautiful and virtuous daughter. As soon as she reached the age of marriage, she and her entire family started searching for a suitable groom for her.

One day a Brahmin went to someone’s house to worship and his son also went out of the house to study. At that time only the Brahmin’s daughter and his wife were in the house. At the same time a Brahmin boy comes to their house. The Brahmin’s wife treats the boy well and feeds him. The Brahmin’s wife likes the boy’s nature and she promises him to marry her daughter.

On the other hand, at whose house Ganapati had gone to worship, he also meets a Brahmin boy and promises to get his daughter married to him. Where the Brahmin’s son had gone to study, he also makes the same promise to a boy there. After some time both Ganapati and his son reach home with the boy they have chosen. Both are shocked to see another Brahmin boy in the house. Now everyone is in a dilemma that the girl is one and all three have promised marriage to different boys, what will happen now? To whom will you get the girl married?

In the midst of this dilemma, the neighbor brings news to his house that his daughter has been bitten by a snake in the locality itself. The whole family and the three Brahmin boys run away to reach the girl, but by then the girl dies.

All the three boys get sad seeing this. After some time the girl’s family and the three Brahmins together perform her last rites. After the rites of the girl, a Brahmin boy takes her bones with him and goes to the forest. The other collects his ashes and ties them in a bundle and starts living in the same crematorium by building a hut. After leaving the third cremation ground, he starts roaming around the country as a yogi in the sorrow of the girl.

Many years passed while this happened. One day suddenly a Brahmin who was roaming around as a Yogi reached the house of a Tantrik. The Tantrik was happy to see the Brahmin in the house and felicitated him. Tantrik asked Yogi to stay in his house for a few days.

Seeing the stubbornness of the Tantrik, the Yogi stayed in his house. One day the Tantrik was engrossed in his studies and his wife was cooking food for everyone. At the same time his son started crying and harassing his mother. Tantrik’s wife tried to handle him a lot, but he did not agree.

At last the Tantrik’s wife got so angry that she beat up her child. Even after that when the child did not remain silent, he burnt him by putting him in the stove. Seeing all this, Yogi Brahmin got very angry and started leaving his house without eating anything. Meanwhile, the Tantrik came and said to the Yogi, “Your Majesty, the food is ready, don’t leave without eating like this in anger.”

An angry Yogi said, “I cannot stay even for a minute in this house, where such a demonic being lives, how can I eat anything there.” On hearing this, the tantrik quickly goes to the stove and brings his son back to life by reciting a mantra from a book. Yogi is shocked to see all this. He thought that if I get hold of this book, I can bring my wife back to life. The Yogi is thinking that on the other side, after bringing the son back to life, the Tantrik again urges the Yogi to eat food. Yogi eats the food and stops there.

Now the only thing running in Yogi’s mind was that he should somehow get that book. It is night while thinking. Everyone goes to sleep after having food. At midnight, the yogi takes the book containing the mantra from the tantrik’s house and directly reaches the cremation ground where the Brahmin’s girl was cremated. He first builds a hut and calls the Brahmin living there and tells him the whole story. After this, both together find a Brahmin who has become a fakir.

As soon as the Fakir meets the Brahmin, the Yogi tells both the Brahmins to bring the girl’s bone and ashes, I will make her alive. Both do the same. After collecting the ashes and bones, the Yogi Brahmin recites mantras to the girl in the burnt place and the girl becomes alive. Seeing this, all the three Brahmins become happy. Betal becomes silent after telling such a story. After some time he asks King Vikram, “Tell me whose wife is that girl?” Vikramaditya does not respond fearing that Betal will fly away again.

An angry Betal says, “Look, if you don’t answer even after knowing, I will bite your neck, answer quickly.” On hearing this, the king said, “She became the wife of the Brahmin who was living in a hut in the crematorium.” Betal asks, “How?”

Then Vikramaditya replies, “The one who picked up the bone and became a fakir, became his son. The one who revived her with tantric knowledge became like her father and the one who was living with her ashes became her husband.

On hearing the answer, Betal said, “Rajan, you have given the correct answer, but according to the condition, you were not supposed to open your mouth. So, I’m flying again.” Saying this, Betal again hangs himself in a tree in the dense forest and King Vikram starts running after him to catch him.

Learning from the story – The biggest problem can be solved with cleverness and intelligence.

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