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School Love Story


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School Love Story


School Love Story


School Love Story – It is about the time when I was studying in class 11th, I left my home and went to the city for studies and started living in a hostel there.

I used to want to leave that hostel and run away home, but what was the compulsion to do, I could not leave the hostel

Later I started liking the hostel, now I had to stay in the hostel and whenever the school was closed, I would go to my house and have a lot of fun there. December was about to end.

I once again left my house and went to the hostel, now the school holiday was over

Maybe I don’t remember exactly what date it was in January I saw a girl and kept looking

His face is in my eyes till today, the whole day would remain in his memory, now I used to leave the hostel for school 1 hour before every day because what was there to see him

I wanted to talk to her but was afraid, I didn’t know whether she wanted to talk to me or not.

That day I went to school from my hostel and had to remember or copy some homework from the chemistry teacher.


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I don’t remember properly, but the chemistry teacher came to the classroom and said, come on, you guys take out the copy, we all took out the copy but she had forgotten her chemistry copy at home itself.

I thought that now she will be beating the teacher, my heart was not agreeing, the teacher asked her for a copy, then she became silent.

What do I do, I took out my copy and while giving it, said that take your copy, you gave me yesterday, didn’t you?

Now she started looking at me very carefully and I could not even meet her eyes

The teacher said if you had given your copy to it, then why were you not speaking, she said scared, I did not remember

But I had to kill to save her, I was very happy even after killing her for the first time because she had survived being killed.

It was a holiday in school, but I was playing with my friends, except the student of the hostel, everyone else had gone to their homes.

But she was inside the school campus and was crying.

I asked her why are you crying so she lied to me that her feet are hurt, I could not stop myself

And said, can’t you take care of yourself, let me drop you outside the school, I was going to drop her outside the school, but now both of us were outside the school campus

She started leaving me saying Bye, then I started feeling that someone is getting away from me, my heartache came out of my mouth,

Please don’t go out of my life maybe she listened and said please let me go and I couldn’t stop her

He said to take care of yourself and I also went from school to hostel but his face was in front of my eyes then both of us met in school

No teacher of class 3 of us had come, he said that you were killed because of me, tears came to his eyes as soon as he said this.

I somehow silenced her and entangled her in my talk so that she would not cry again

We told each other everything about ourselves that we probably had not even told our family members till today.

But suddenly something happened that I had to leave the hostel and I went to my house, I could not even speak Bye to her.

I have forgotten his words, but I have not forgotten his face to date and probably, I will never be able to forget
At that time I was studying in class 11th and today I am doing B.Tech

To be alive in life, only the memory of someone is enough, it is not necessary that everyone should have love, and one thing if you love someone, then never defame him.


You break the oath that you have taken,
What’s wrong with remembering sometimes,
Even if I live without remembering you, I can’t go,
You have created a place in your heart like this.


Final Word

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